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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 49

Incredibly small and minor detour update!

Heading south of Mt. Pyre.

Just back away slowly... just baaaack away...

Seviper vs. a10levelsweakerZangoose.

Solves that question.

Oh look, berries.

Not any more.

I suuuuure am.

Ok, next time we go to Lilycove, I swear.

Shoryugget, Ferrosaur, Repiv, That Pig and Pikablu are all L.41. Fruitplane's like L.24 or something. I'm raising Snippet and Radium the Corphish on the side.

I'm exhausted from work today, so I'll update tomorrow with the Team Aqua base update.

Until then, here:

I can't draw horses.