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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 5

It's docile but I still loves it.
Onward to Petalburg City, city of... um... Petal..burgs..

Oh like you actually sit there and read what that damn nurse has to say. Unless my Pokémon is infected with some sort of horrible microorganism from space I don't care...

....oh. (Also bullshit, I know damn well all of you head for a Pokémon Center first.)

I always remember him sitting on the couch drinking malt liquor, watching reruns of Quantum Leap all the time.

No thanks to you.

What the hell do I look like, That dumbass professor? It's a field full of raccoons, tiny dogs, and walking.. seed.. things. I'm pretty sure I could manage.

Time for the tutorial blatantly interweaved with storyline!

This better not bite me in the ass later, old man.

Oh you ass. I spent 5 minutes looking for one of those.

You bastard. Fine, take it, I'm sure it's a crappy one anyway.

And with that I'm going to head out, capture some more little bastards and subject them to my will. But first.. supplies


Back to the Ralts hunt.

About fucking time.