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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 50

Oh Aquuuua Team.. We're baaaaaaack.. This time with out trusty Corphish!


ALPHA 5! Shoryugget takes out that robotic bastard with a spinning back kick.



Hahaha, it used Explosion and only took off 6 HP from Ferrosaur. I am not exaggerating.

Back to looting, found a nugget, another Electrode and...

Well hmm...

The Aqua uniform has the whole Pirate vibe going for it...

...whereas the Magma uniform has the whole "Don't Drink the Kool-Aid/Ripping out people's hearts" vibe, plus you have the miniskirt...

You have to admit they aren't as bad as this. I mean seriously, there's not even a theme going to it. Oh, right, I'm supposed to be infiltrating your hideout and injuring you guys.



In the grand scheme of things does anybody?

What the hell does that even mean?


No I could take out a lot more of you guys. Hell only one monster's tired out.

Somehow I doubt that...

You're totally stalling for time. Look how much dialogue you have.

Oh god his proportions frighten me.

Run like hell.

Ferrosaur is awesome.

Fun Fact: Only Shuckle, Regirock, Steelix have a higher Base Defense than Aggron (Though Cloyster is equally Defensive.)

Stop that. It's fruity sounding when a large man with tight pants and an open vest does it.

GASP. Where is this boss exactly? Underwater? It's not like I can see down there.

What? Did something just happen?


Fine, maybe I will!

Nah Prolly not... We might as well just leave...

And looks like we're setting out across the sea. Fucking hell, I hope there's not many Tentacool and/or Wingulls.

Man, I need a bigger Surf monster and/or clothing that can get wet.