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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 52

That's not what I saw.

Disgusting? Horrifying?

GOD I KNOW. Why do they have to wear the tiny little swimsuits.

What? That's stupid. Your stupid.

God I hope it wasn't something that kept giant birds away.

Sure I can evolve my Slow- oh... Well I can still evolve Poliw- oh right...

Steven was eaten by a giant bird. I think we're safe on the "him-not-finding-out" front.

I'm still on the fence whether you should be on my list of people that piss me off and should suffer for it.

Oh don't worry, we figured it out. There was no Tsunami.


And then he was gone.

The only ship I've ever been on was full of holes and was infested with Tentacool.

I surf on a 2'7" blue Rabbit.


Let's test this baby!

I had fished up a wild Sharpedo before this but Repiv accidentally stabbed it to death VV

It's a male, yeah but I'm sure nobody'll notice the difference.

I dunno, I'm sure Mt. Pyre is higher. But it's full of Shuppets so you guys win.

OH! Steven. You weren't eaten by that bird.... er, th-that's good!

Oh god, I love these retards and their plans that usually involve them exploding.

Oh god, when they tell you their plan, please tell me what it was. Oh god these are always good.

Good man.

Yeah I should probably quit procrastinating and go get my ass handed to me buy the gym leader.

Wha- Liza & Tate? That Ampersand better not mean what I think it does.