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Part 56

Incredibly boring update in which Misty trains Anglargh the Shiny Chinchou!

Yup, beating the hell out of Numels and Marills again. Eh, it worked for Pikablu and the Sp.Atk/HP boosts can't hurt.

Fuck all you naysayers I think Lanturn looks cool.

And as a comparison:

Not Shiny Lanturn

Shiny Lanturn

At this point Anglargh can hold her own against nearly anything the opponent or nature throws at me.

But to top it off:

Ok, we'll continue the underwater type shit next update.

Second Thread End Statistics:
Money: 250374
Pokémon Seen: 140
Pokémon Owned: 87
Badges: 7 of 8

Next thread will start sometime tomorrow or within the next day or two.