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Part 57

This is the third part of the "Let's Play Pokémon Emerald!" and "Let's Continue playing Pokémon Emerald!" thread, which grew to large and collapsed on themselves like a star.

Anyone needing a recourse in Pokémon 101 should check for move lists, evolution methods and any oher game mechanics.

First, a recap.

This is Misty, the daughter of the Petalburg Gym Leader, who's just moved to Littleroot town in the Hoenn region. (As a reference, Red/Blue/Yellow took place in the Kanto region and Gold/Silver/Crystal was in Johto.)

In order to save the dumbass, Prof. Birch, Misty chose a Torchic, naming it Shoryugget she begins her journey.
Up north, in Oldale town Misty has her first run-in with that fuckstick, Brendan. Shoryugget battled his Mudkip, winning.

Soon afterwards Misty captured a Poochyena, naming it Bitchcakes, it would become a mainstay of her party for a time.

Visiting her father in Petalburg's Gym, a young man named Wally requested help capturing a Pokémon, Misty helped him capture a Ralts. This event is proving to be a pain in Misty's ass in the future.

After becoming jealous and searching for a while Misty eventually a captures a Ralts, names it Marshall, later finds out its a retard.

Soon after, she captured a Marill just outside the treacherous Petalburg Woods. She named it Pikablu.

Within the woods a Shroomish was nabbed, dubbed Daytripper, it would also prove to be an integral part of the team.

Getting lost in the Woods for a few days, Misty nearly turned to eating Marshall before encountering a Devon co. employee being assaulted by a member of Team Aqua.

Misty defeated him easily and continued to Rustboro City.

Before her first Gym Battle, A Nincada was captured east of Rustboro. It was named Buggy McDig.

Preparing for the Gym, Daytripper learned a new technique.

The first Gym challenge was against Roxanne, a smart woman with a specialty in Rock-type monsters.

Daytripper took down Roxanne's duo of Geodude and her Nosepass, using his new Bullet Seed technique. Scoring the Stone Badge Misty made her way east.

Encountering the same Team Aqua member again in Rustboro Tunnel, Misty defeated him, scoring back some stolen goods and making a new, creepy friend in the Eccentric Mr. Briney.

While in the cave a Whismur named Morrissey was captured, unfortunately.

Meeting the president of Devon Co. Misty recieved the Pokénav. Pikablu was also subbed out for Morrisey, unfortunately.

On the way out of Rustboro we met Brendan again and just obliterated his ass.

Making our way to Dewport Misty prepared for her second gym battle.

In Dewford Cave a Sableye was captured and named Stitch.

Losing to Brawly, Misty blamed the loss on Morrissey's constant, obnoxious screaming.

As such she choked him with a sock.

Eventually challenging him again, Stitch destroyed Brawly's lineup with flawless precision.

Shoryugget evolved into Combusken at match's end.

Using our new Flash ability in Dewford cave, we head deeper in and deliver a message to Steven Stone, the president's son.

On the way out an Aron was captured and named Ferrosaur.

In Slateport city, Misty trashed Team Aqua's attempt to seize the OCeanographic museum or some shit.

Heading north to Mauville city we encountered Brendan again. Again he was beaten.

In front of Mauville Gym, Wally challenged us with his Ralts. It too was raped by Buggy McDig.

Training for Wattson, Buggy McDig evolved; becoming Ninjask and it's shed skin becomeing a Shedinja.

Her third Gym Battle was against Wattson, an Electric specialist. This battle went horribly but Husk the Shedinja managed to pull it out in the end.

Later on, Bitchcakes would evole into Mightyena.

A long way later a Seviper was captured and named Repiv.

Daytripper evolved into Breloom, however to balance out the party was subbed out for the newly captured Repiv. Buggy McDig also took the bench in favor of a Solrock that was captured just before named Helios.

In Meteor Falls we interrupted a spat between Team Aqua and Team Magma.

At Mt. Chimney, Misty interupted Team Magma's retardedly stupid plan that had no basis in science.

After a fierce dance battle, Team Magma was served and retreated.

Heading down the volcano, a Spoink was captured and named That Pig.

Reaching Lavardige town, Misty prepared for her fourth challenge by training Pikablu until its evolution to Azumarill.

Defeating Flannery's fire Pokémon, Misty scored her fourth badge.

After taking a detour to the desert, Misty chose the root fossil.

Having it reanimated with the powers of SCIENCE! Crinoidea the Lileep joined the team.

After a fierce battle with her father, Misty came out triumphant and scored the Balance Badge and the HM03.

That Pig also become Grumpig after the battle.

After running an errand for Wattson in New Mauville, Misty prepares to head to Fortree City.
>end Thread 1<
Thread 2

Misty encounters a Tropius, catches it and names it Fruitplane.

Further on Team Aqua took over the Weather Institute that was built out here for some reason unbenknownst to me.

Misty beats the sexly Aqua Admin, Shelly and clears them out of the institute. She recieves a Castform as a reward and names it Boobercast.

Misty beats the shit out of Brendan. Also she battles hi. HM02 (Fly) was obtained.

In Fortree City an unseen object blocks the path to the Gym.

Misty captures a Modest Feebas first try.

Misty laughs at you all in a moment of hubris.

Misty receives the Devon Scope from Steven which allows her to see the unseen object blocking her path. It's a Kecleon.

Back in Fortree Misty challenges Winona, the Gym leader.

Misty defeats her pretty easily.

After teaching Fly, Strength, Rock Smash and Cut to Fruitplane, Misty returns to Petalburg City and captures a Corphish.

Shoryugget evolved into her final form, Blaziken.

Ferrosaur evolved into Lairon.

In Lilycove city she battled Brendan again and pretty much made him lose confidence. Fucking jerk.

In the Safari Zone we captured a bunch of shit. Heracross, Pinsir, etc.

Atop the gravesite, Mt.Pyre. Team Aqua steals the sacred Red Orb. This is after Team Magma has already stolen the Blue Orb.

Heading to Team Magma's Volcano Lair...

Misty and co. beat the living shit out of Team Magma.

Misty catches up to Maxie who's discovered the ancient behemoth, Groudon. Using the Blue Orb he awakens it.

Groudon go berserk and flees. Misty battles Maxie then leaves.

Meanwhile, Team Aqua steals Capt. Stern's Sub in Slateport.

On the way to Mossdeep, Misty and Shoryugget cook and eat Clarence T. the Zigzagoon.

At Mossdeep City Gym, Misty challenged the gym leaders Liza & Tate to a double battle.

That Pig used its Psych Up power to leech off Xatu's constant Calm Minding and wrecked the gym alongside Radium the Crawdaunt. Misty recieves the Mind Badge for her victory.

Afterwards, Team Magma takes over the Space Center in a plot to steal their Rocket Fuel. Why? So they can jettison it into the volcano. I am not making this up.


Misty and Steven team up the oust Team Magma.

Steven gives Misty the HM for Dive as thanks.

Misty fishes up a Sharpedo later and names it Carcharias.

Misty teaches it Surf and Dive. No longer needing Pikablu for Surf he's put in the box.

Misty encounters a shiny Chinchou while underwater. She captures it and names it Anglargh.

Anglargh evolved into a Shiny Lanturn two levels later and was taught Ice Beam
>end Thread 2<

Current Stats:
Money: 250374
Pokémon Seen: 140
Pokémon Owned: 87
Badges: 7 of 8

First update coming later tonight. Biiiiiig update.