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Part 58

More Underwater Action!

Huh, further studies conclude this Aquaturf is high in Carbohydrates.

Bluuuuuuuue. :O

And this sand is Calcium rich... huh...

More Aquaturf. It's amazing nobody's discovered this sort of stuff before.

Oh sweet jesus what is that it has no eyes.

God I love that fucking snake.

This specimen is obviously of no use to modern science. And therefore will be put into a box and forgotten about.

Returning to the surface briefly. Clearly these two guard some fantastic treasure.

It turns out they were just mannequins someone left on the island. Go figure.

Back down to the briney deep! Though I've yet to detect any Brine.

Misty immediately started flashing colors and ran through every Clamperl she could find.

BACK TO THE SURFACE. I fished up mostly Wailmers and Sharpedos. Until...

I'm still not sure how I caught that with a fishing pole.

Huh.. a cave.

GASP! The Nautilus!

Oh. Yeah I guess it could be that too...

huh.. underwater cave... don't prehistoric horror usually dwell in these things?


Oh yeah, Team Aqua's here too.

This place is all Surf and Boulder puzzles. Also Zubats and Golbats. Therefore there's a lack of screenshots.

Solid Snake type stealth shit involving my flying brachiosaurus pushing boulders around.

Piece o' cake!


Well... huh, that was an odd yet convenient place for that.

Man I just know Archie's gonna be up here...

...and he's gonna have the Red Orb and be all "ahahaha With the power of the red orb I shall blah blah blah"

It's a dead end jackass, what was I gonna do?

Who else would it be? Goddamn you and Maxie are horrible crimebosses.

What the hell's a Kyogre?

You know I'm just gonna fuck it up right?

You had to steal a sub. I caught a Shark and trained it to ferry me around.

(It was a Sharpedo. Anglargh One-Shotted it)

You can sho-



Way to go asshole. Now We've got a behemoth and a leviathan out there wrecking shit.


Don't ignore me!

I'm still here!



There, thoroughly annoyed?

Wait, what?

Oh goddammit. Archie. GOD DAMMIT.

Gee ya think?

Why would the red orb control the blue monster? I think you two are just retards and grabbed THE WRONG FUCKING ORBS.

It didn't disappear, I'm sure it's here somewhere in all this WATER.

Wait, how did you get down here without Water Pokémon or a Sub?

YEA. Godforbid anyone else awaken an ancient colossus of destruction and terror.



Yeah, they did piss it off pretty bad.

Why don't you guys TRADE orbs?!

Yes we do. Argue more.


Tch. Fiiiine.

No, no I'd say this is just what nature int-YES YOU STUPID FUCK.

"You need to try to blow up the ocean now."

Yours wasn't that much better guy.

I do though. You both are retards and I hate you with every fiber of my being.

No, it falls on me because you two will fuck it up like you always do.

Well when there are legend about them destroying shit I wouldn't think it was a good idea to awaken them.

Oh I just thought I'd have a little picnic, you kn- WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.

Scorching heatwave?

Oh god, only Aquaman will remain. Possibly the snorks, but AQUAMAN. I can't allow this to happen.

Sootopolis? Where the hell is that?

Yes and that would be....

I intend for you to tell me how to get to Sootopolis.

Good for you. Where would that be exactly?

Well fuck...

"Here have a Fire Chicken!" they said. "Catch monsters and battle them!" they said. Not once did I hear "Hey Misty, go stop two ancient colossi from various legends of chaos and destruction from destroying the world!" God I fucking hate this region.

plastic_shark posted:

can you draw Marshall wearing a sandwich board with "The end is near" or something more clever then that?

Father Wendigo posted:

Would you rather have blind, albino penguins?

Seth Huber posted:

RedChocobo do you think you could draw a picture of a Zigzagoon with a big black robe on and he is holding a judge's gavel and maybe saying something like "stare decisis more like shmare decisis" or maybe not saying anything, I would really appreciate it