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Part 66

Sootopolis City Gym. An actually decent Water Gym. fuck you Cerulean City and your name-stealing leader.

Huh.. Clear floor of ice and slanted incline. If my time in studying Ocean Sciencey Stuff has told me anything I just have to smash all the ice.

And there. We can face Juan now.

Oh like hell I'm wasting all that EXP.


Oh my god it's full of women!

Anglargh immediately sets to eating their monsters.

Well yeah, he's gay.
After clearing the lot out, Radium got a level and Anglargh got about 4. So they're starting to catch up with Shoryugget and the rest.

Back at the Pokémno Center, since Nobody else could really use this TM Anglargh got Spark upgraded to Thunderbolt.

About you and Wallace? Yeah it's fairly obvious.

That's not all though is it?

Yes, lets.

Just shut up and gimme the badge.

Bring it on, Nancy Boy!

>Round 1<
Heart-shaped fish vs. Bioelectric Anglerfish

Aww, cute.

Using water on a fish isn't that effective though.

This however...

...fries their asses pretty handily.

>Round 2<
Gargantuan Catfish vs. Psychokinetic Pig.

Why did I switch from Anglargh? Simple. Whiscash is a Water/Ground type. So it's completely immune to Anglargh's Thunderbolt, despite being a water type. And since there's a decent chance this one knows Earthquake I'm not risking Anglargh to it.

I'm still not sure how Amnesia sharply raises Sp. Def. but eh. It just made it harder for That Pig.

'nother Psychic blast.

I thought so.

FUCK. It got a Crit.

Ok, who saw that coming?

I really should of done this earlier.


It dealt maybe 2 damage to itself!

Two Psychics and a Confused-Whiscash-beating-iself-later...

Don't fuck with .

>Round 3<
Disgruntled Crawdad vs. Kung-fu Fighting Chicken

Holy fuck this is a gamble because if I don't one shot this thing. There's a good chance it can get a Crabhammer in and a Crabhammer has a good chance of Crit. Hitting.



Oh god.

'sup buddy!

>Round 4<
Rotund Sea Lion vs. Sabretooth Knife-Snake

Huh.. not as effective as I hoped...


Mmmm, Venom.

God I fucking love that snake.

>Round 5<
The King of Seahorses vs. Bioelectric Anglerfish

Slight problem here. Kingdra's types, Water/Dragon, make it lose all its weaknesses except to Dragon-attacks of which we currently have none. So this comes down to just brute forcing it.

AH. YOU ASS. They're also damn quick.

Let's see how YOU like it.


Of course I'm sure Juan has a Full Heal for this.

Ok, apparently he doesn't have a Full Heal. Looks like I just got lucky.

Now to just Thunderbolt the everloving fuck out of it.


No, that's just that huge tumor above your left eye.

Winona said I was elegant.


Damn straight you will.

Believe me. I didn't need a badge for complete obedience.

And with that we've got all eight badges of the Hoenn region.