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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 7

Trainer's Log: 30.03.06
Shoryugget and I continue my trek through the treacherous Petalburg Woods. There are horrible insects the size of my arm everywhere. Our supplies have run low and I find myself being driven mad by the swarms of bugs that accost us. If things continue as such, I fear we may have to resort to eating Marshall, who is easily the most useless among us. Wait, rustling in the bushes ahead. End entry.

Ok, so it's just a seemingly confused man, I doubt we can eat him.

Nope, can't say that I have.

Oh me too.

Oh my god.. is that a...?

WHAT THE FUCK? Hiding behind a little girl? You are a sick, sad little man.

You can have him! He's an asshole!


Lv.9 Poochyena vs. Lv. 10 Torchic. Yeeeeeah.

Christ, Pirates are fucking stupid.

Why were you wandering through the woods, looking for mushrooms, in a suit carrying important papers?

Continuing along we find another weak little bug-catcher.

This one has two Nincada. Pikablu took down the first one and Donger took the second.

Afterwards, the woods were smooth sailing.

At the forest's edge I came across two oddly sprite-like trees. I put them out of my mind for the time being though.
We've cleared the forest and are one step closer to Rustboro City.

Also, I didn't catch a Slakoth because I didn't run into one. Even if I had I'd be hard pressed to use it as he bores me. I'm a very impatient person.