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Part 71

This cave is full of Loudred.

...Ok, HOW does it live up to the name "Victory"?

Man I have to strike down a lot of Roselia today.

If it's any consolation, plastic_shark, look at how badly Roselia messed Anglargh up. Also that poison's from Toxic, so yeah.

Oh, Hariyama also live in this cave.

Oh you are fucking kidding me.


Well this still isn't very interesting.

At least I have this HM Slave.

"Smashin' a rock, boss."
Smash that Rock, Fruit.

Golbat are also plentiful in this cavern.

You better not be picturing me naked. Because if you are....



Uh... Crunchaga.

Nah, your swellow got that Double Team in, that was kinda cool.

Oh, did I mention the wild Lairon?

I'm more complacent because I've got a primeval wyrm with control of the weather, but eh.

Hahaha, no there won't.

I mean...

...certainly not...

Damn right.


At least on the way out I ran into this.

Ok, now I know I've been incredibly lucky in this play through. But for the love of god please don't think I'm cheating.

Because I found something out, back at the Pokémon Center...

I swear to Odin himself I am not cheating in any way, shape or form.

Yeah, one of the Golbats Anglargh beat must've been infected...

It spread like a plague too.
Once again I swear I am not cheating.

Back in the cave!

Haha, family of losers maybe.

Anyway we raped his team.

Nope, not really.

hahaha, a Metal Bird. What'll they think of next?

I guess this is useful.. sorta...

Oh, Wild Sableye too.

Huh.. I do believe I'm lost.

After wandering for a while, eventually we came to this familiar bridge.. Also it's not as dark. Which is odd considering we're still in a cave.

Let's just fight so I can crush your dreams.

Ahahaha, Cacturne. Fire/Fighting vs. Grass/Dark.

The best part was when it fell down screaming and engulfed in flames.

Ok.. Pelipper... Fire/Fighting vs. Water/Flying...
Too bad Pelipper are stupid as hell. Seriously this thing used Protect five times in a row.


....yeah like I'm falling for that.

Ever Grande City.
Home of the Pokémon League and the Elite Four.