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Part 76

Hmm... what else can we do....

Just because I'm now Queen of all Trainers doesn't mean I haven't forgotten about your douchebaggery.


Hahahaha, one of the crappiest Pokémon ever.

Oh god, It tried to feel me!

Poor Aipom, doomed to a life of obscurity and never having a serious nickname.

....WHAT? They can't all be Ferrosaurs or Carchariases. >

Oh boy, what'll we find? WHAT'LL WE FIND?!

Patron monster of annoying the fuck out of parents.

Other choices included: Woolkachu, Woolectric and Flufflight. You all fail at naming things.


Hahaha, look at it! I love these things despite them being so fucking weak.

OH! A GLIGAR! They look so cool but suck so bad.


Everytime you name one of these something with "RLY" in the name, I'll rip an angel's wings off.

Awww... Long story short, there are assloads of the 2nd Gen monsters in the Safari Zone expansion.