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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 77

Have I mentioned this town is full of assholes?

Trainer Queen, coming through.

It's totally legal for me to do this since I'm the champion.

They're mineral copies of living tissue. They aren't that dreamy.

Says who?

I'll be the judge of whether it's safe...

Well if it's a giant cavern what would possibly make it unsafe?

And with that, Misty stabbed him and left him there to bleed.

Huh... sounds like breathing in here... maybe Anglargh can shed some light on-

Anglargh.... very quiet.... very subtly...


:go- wait....

OH GOD. Wait.. if it turned into Radium...

Net Balls must be effective on it now.

Seriously... that is one of Ditto's very few uses.


You know what we must do now.



A few seconds later...

Like Jesus!

Still not a dinosaur...

And that's the last update for the night.