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Part 78

First thing first. Female Clamperl because I don't think Chowdah would make a good Gorebyss.

Meanwhile, in Orre.



Ok... now this is the point where my TV Tuner illegal op'd. Eating the remainder of the screenshots during the trade.

Sooooo, we have to rely on Misty to tell us what happened during that time. She even drew pictures. :\

"So this jackass, Michael Jackson looking bastard wanted to trade... soooo..."

"I mean, I think it's a fair trade. "

"Then all these flashy lights on the computer screen went on. It took a while so I just grabbed a sammich."
"Eventually the Tyranitar came through."

"Of course That bastard sent me a pissed off one and it went nuts. I'm pretty sure it ate like three of the cable club attendants and the nurse there..."

"After a while it got sluggish as its belly filled with woman flesh...."

" Shoryugget kicked it in the teeth."

"I demanded he trade back too."

"But when he sent Shellboobs back she was some sorta freaky eel-leech thing. "

"Two new entries in the Pokédex, though."

"Oh, aaaand we're not allowed at that Pokémon Center anymore...."