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Part 84

At this point, I'd suggest turning on any battle theme you want.

Misty vs. Steven

Anglargh shrugs off an Aerial Ace and counters with another Thunderbolt.

Misty: 1, Steven: 0


Misty: 2, Steven: 0

And some of you wanted me to drop it for Flamethrower....

Misty: 3 Steven: 0

It didn't survive the second one.
Misty: 4, Steven: 0

Cradily was badly poisoned.

A revive later and Repiv's back up and fighting, Steven used a Full Restore the same turn.

That was pretty annoying.

Huh... I wonder...

It did it three more times.

Misty: 5, Steven: 0

...this is it...

Misty: 5, Steven: 1

Also a Critical hit.

Misty: 5, Steven: 2

....Anglargh survived...

Final Thread Report
Hoenn PokéDex
Seen: 171
Owned: 98

National PokéDex
Seen: 185
Owned: 109

So what's next for Misty? Well sure she could stay in Hoenn and continue collecting monsters for a little, but we all know how much she hates the place and everyone in it. So maybe she'll travel further, leaving the Hoenn region behind her...

Coloured by Chibs

Misty'll be waiting for you in Shinou....

Farewell, thread.