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OH OH! We get to hear their stupid ass plan!

Hmm, cowardly scientists or cult members I hate.. who to take..

STUPID BITCH. Ferrosaur throws her through the wall.

Oh god please let this be good.

Your secret is safe with me. Shoryugget slashes a massive gash into his face.

I came upstairs and was suddenly surrounded by retards.

You people usually have stupid shit like Mightyenas or Numel. I've got a badass kungfu chicken, a giant snake with a knife for a tail, a telekinetic pig, a disgruntled crawdad and a giant fucking iron beast... also a tiny rabbit who ferries me across water...



No, you shouldn't of surrounded something that can to a Hurricane Kick and set you on fire simultaneously.

I dunno but I'm sure it'll be great!


Oh man wait 'til you hear this man. There last plan involved a meteorite and a volcano. This is gonna be good.

Oh boy, here it comes!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh. Oh man... AHAHAHAHAHA. Oh christ I love you guys and your suicidal plans involving volcanos .

Oh god I don't even care what else you have to say.

Wouldn't that just cause a massive explosion? I mean I guess it could cause an eruption but wouldn't it just kill you all either way?

You know what? Take the rocket fuel. Please.
Suddenly I guess Maxie sucker punched Steven or some shit. That or Steven just fell down.

Help you, beat the shit out of Team Magma. Same difference.


Holy hell he has one of those robot things from *Batteries not Included.

Critical Double Kicks are



Yup. You also failed to control an ancient behemoth of legend. Oh, and you failed to make the volcano erupt a time before this one.

To be fair it is a gigantic fucking monster.

Misguided? There's no guidance whatsoever other than that childhood memory of being molested by a bunch of Shellders.

Yeah I'll give you a second to repress that again.

Dude. You're TOTALLY wrong.

Actually there's is just slightly misguided. But that's what they get for listening to Archie's invisible pet Jellyfish, "Squishy McGee."

NO! Please blow yourself up.

Your realize, of course, that had you stayed here on guard duty rather than stepping out for that Frappucino they wouldn't of gotten in in the first place. Hell you could've put Aggron and Metang outside the door and told them to eat anyone wearing a retarded hood.

Oh god please say it's a Grappling Hook.

Oh wait... I mean

Gee, really?


Haha you don't own a lot of crap.

Why exactly are they called "Hidden Machines" anyway?

So yeah, we're subaquatically (made up word!) capable now. Next time we'll explore ze mysteries of ze deep blu seeeea.

Eh, with all the Ghosts talk I should throw this up:

Yeah, Gengar confuses and weirds me out too.

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