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Incredibly boring update in which Misty trains Anglargh the Shiny Chinchou!

Yup, beating the hell out of Numels and Marills again. Eh, it worked for Pikablu and the Sp.Atk/HP boosts can't hurt.

Fuck all you naysayers I think Lanturn looks cool.

And as a comparison:

Not Shiny Lanturn

Shiny Lanturn

At this point Anglargh can hold her own against nearly anything the opponent or nature throws at me.

But to top it off:

Ok, we'll continue the underwater type shit next update.

Second Thread End Statistics:
Money: 250374
Pokémon Seen: 140
Pokémon Owned: 87
Badges: 7 of 8

Next thread will start sometime tomorrow or within the next day or two.

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