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Part 10: Suntouched Gym Plot Dump

Hello everyone and welcome back. This is gonna be a short update just covering the plot dump after the first gym battle.

: Hey, Amy, it's me, Nora. Did someone run by here just now?

That first sentence, while technically grammatically correct, had a comma between nearly every word.

: I'm going to check it out.

The game doesn't force us into this plot development, so we could heal up if we wanted to. There's no need to, so we'll just tag along and stare at the proceedings.

: Harmony, what are you doing here? I'm in the middle of my work shift... I'm accepting challenges right now.
: Orion, we need to get out of here!

: My friend is pretty heavy...

There's a pretty good chance that Harmony could take them on. She's incredibly strong and we'll get the opportunity to test that for ourselves later in the story.

out of here!

: For crying out loud, this is why they shouldn't let kids be Gym Leaders!

Kinda cruel to the kid, ain't she?

That, uh... that looks like a Kyurem.

: Legendary Pokemon are hard to control, you know.

and electricity solid.

: I work for the cult known as Perfection.

Taen looks so fucking goofy. I'd like to imagine both the little girls in the back are just (quietly) snickering to each other at his dumb bowl cut and pants-based pokeball holster.


: But that doesn't mean you should take us lightly.

: You're friends with the rock?

: That's sooooo cute!

Lots of adults getting "sick burns" on an actual child in this update.

: Tell us what you want and leave.

: What? No way! I'd die first!

Get out of the way.

: Not a chance! Leave us alone!

: Insolent child!

Dude, that's pretty fucked up even by fangame standards. You don't just do that. What the fuck.


The screen shakes.

: ...what was that?

Taen does a pretty good job of making himself hateable. It takes a real dickbag to come in, make fun of a lonely small child for having an imaginary friend, and then actually full-on open hand smack him across the face when he tries to protect that same imaginary friend.

The screen shakes more.

Good job Taen, your douchebaggery made the white rock explode.

Show of hands... who all remembers what this little animation entails?

That would be the second third of the Tao Trio. All we need now is Zekrom to complete the set.

: That is Reshiram... the being of Truth.

pieces of the same Pokemon.

: However, fighting and war eventually split the three apart.

fallen into Orion's care.

The White Rock is possibly a dormant and non-glowing version of The Light Stone. You know, the legendary artifact from Unova that Reshiram's body turned into when it died?

Reshiram takes one look at the group and decides to fly off.

: It seems like Reshiram has fled.

: Let's get going, Kyurem. We have a dragon to catch!

completely right.

: And now your friend's fled off...

: I didn't see you two there.

Yes Harmony, two preteen girls are cultists.

: No, of course not! We're trainers!

Ignoring the fact that Amy is wearing a Cult of Darkrai jumpsuit.

: My name is Harmony.

Harmony is the fourth gym leader. I have some capital-w-Words regarding her when we get there.

: I'm a challenger. Amy beat Orion earlier today.

to keep.

Nora is the world's worst secret keeper. She's the kind of kid that would walk around chanting "I know something you don't know and I can't tell you!"

: Was that...?


blue-haired guy.

never dreamed you were a legendary.

: I'm guessing you two have some catching up to do.
: Yeah... thanks. I'll battle you later, if that's alright.

Ladies and gentlemen... I am pleased to announce that we now have the Surf replacement.

We'll just leave him alone with his terrifying fire dragon.

Alright, that's enough for this mini update. Next time, for real, we'll hit the new route.

But wait... I almost forgot. We have Surf now so let me just make a gigantic list... I'm also cutting out redundant entries, otherwise this list would be twice as long from all the repeated encounters across routes and towns.

Shade Forest (Surf)


Telnor Cave (Surf)

Shellos (West Sea)

Route 1 (Surf)


Dark Cave (Surf)

Ducklett (10%)

Midna Garden (Surf)

Surskit (1%)

Midna Mine (Surf)


Route 2 (Surf)


Cyan Caverns (Surf)

Panpour (10%)

Suntouched Exitway

Timburr (1%)

Suntouched Exitway (Surf)


Route 3

Seedot (15%)
Nuzleaf (5%)
Kirlia (10%)

Route 3 (Old Rod)

Basculin (Red) (15%)
Basculin (Blue) (15%)

Route 3 Hidden Grotto


Route 3 Trade

Delta Scyther (Trade Steel Type) (Will cover next update)

Metchi Town

Marill Egg (Purchase for $3000)

Metchi Town (Old Rod)


If some of those lists look thin, it's because there's a lot of redundancies when it comes to surfing and fishing encounters. You can catch Tentacool on six different routes, for instance. Also it makes the lists easier to parse.


Now that we have the first badge, the following items are now for sale from any pokemart:

Great Ball
Super Potion*
Ice Heal
Paralyze Heal
Burn Heal
Escape Rope

* Technically have been available to purchase in Midna Town since the Ancient Ruins story beat. Available 100% of the time in Suntouched City

So see you guys...

NEXT TIME: Route 3, Metchi Town, and Secret bases too!