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Part 20: Utira Town

Hello everyone! You can always tell when I start processing a new recording, because I go out of my way to show the load game screen. 25 hours and we're still trucking along!

To start off with, Boppo and Janine have taken their place in the Hall of Heroes. That little Wobbuffet more than earned his right to be there I'd say!

I'm also sorry to say that Sparky will not be staying with the team at this time. We're heading into a section of the game where there are a lot of water trainers and Noel can hit their weaknesses with Freeze Dry.

Zucchini will also not be joining the team, but now that we have access to the Witchdoctor it would be wrong to let him stay forever as a Kadabra.

Now that the Sky Cult isn't blocking us, we can take the first shortcut into the black market.

As far as I'm aware, the tower never reopens for business. But there's zero need to ever go back so, that works well for me!

The Perfection base is still under the Jade Tower, and Reukra still wants to murder the shit out of us.

Let's cut to the chase.

Now we have the option to use Alakazam if we want. According to the Insurgence Wiki, there is no Delta Abra, which is a pity. But I'd say we're doing pretty good if we have the option to use one of the most powerful pokemon in the game! Sadly, Zucchini will not be able to mega evolve until the very end of the game.

If, for some reason, we find ourselves needing a special powerhouse, I know where I'm coming... because goddamn. There's a really good chance he could have a higher Sp. Atk than Sparky at 50!

While we're down here, I'm grabbing Custom Move for HenryDavid.

Storm Throw is a really nice guaranteed crit, but it's also a redundant fighting type move. Also Vital Throw can't miss.

After asking around and receiving some advice from the Pokegoons Discord, I settled on giving it Flying type damage. I'd narrowed it down to either Flying or Grass and this gives better coverage options. For what it's worth, I could have picked any of the 16 types.

High Press sounds like a pro wrestling move and vaguely gives the impression of flying.

Let's skip ahead a little bit. This is over in Telnor Cave.

Bonehead was my favorite of all the suggestions, so that's what our new friend gets named.

He has some impressive potential and if we weren't well covered with Fancy, I would seriously consider using him.

Doubled attack? Yes please.

I get him up to 41 before I have the world's worst idea. (By the way 180 attack at level 41 with the Thick Club. Bonehead is a monster.)

You see... a few other pokemon learn False Swipe by level up.

By the way, box 26 was named Traitor and that's where Thundervolt will spend the rest of eternity. Fucking Judas.

I know conventional wisdom says Farfetch'd is not very good... but who's to say we can't give Daisy her fair shot?

Her stats are never going to be impressively high, but they're okay all around. We'll take a closer look at her a little later. First there's some future teammates I need to grab. I doubt I'll ever be able to pull off the Boppo bait-and-switch again, but I can try to neuter some future "fuck you" bosses all the same.

We'll need this in the future to unlock a small sidequest for the Pika Taxi guy.

Right. First stop is the very first route in the game.

That didn't take very long at all.

I don't give her a nickname because I first need to make sure she's got the right ability.

Perfect! Water Absorb is just what I needed. She's going on the mantle until the time is right.

For this next step, I need to do a little "sequence breaking" by going to a friend safari.

Most of these options straight up crash the game when you use them. The only one that works is visit someone else's base.

This base was kindly uploaded by a person on the Insurgence Wiki named "Duck" which is oddly fitting.

Even better, we get the right ability on the first try! Some of you can make an educated guess why I need a Cloud Nine Psyduck in particular. Don't share your theories with the class, but... you're probably right on the first try.

Golduck can't be caught until the fucking postgame, and I need this fellow here just a tad sooner than that.

I take zero credit. This is entirely Zeratanis's fault.

That's another gun for the mantle! will be sitting there for an extremely long time, but I'm happy that I got hold of one regardless.

Once Canto here evolves, he gets access to a new Insurgence-only mega evolution. We could have found the mega stone already, but it involves searching the desert and

We'll see Mega Flygon at the end of this update.

This move set ain't too bad. Bug Buzz in particular should be a lot of fun with Mega Flygon's ability (sound-based moves deal 1.5x damage).

Do you guys remember this fellow?

If we ever want our own Mega Altaria, then hey!

Lastly before we continue on, Xavier told us to come back when we got East's badge.

: Impressive! You beat East! Well, I'd give you my Beedrite...

: Take this as a consolation prize.

Also I want to point this out... take a real close look at the layer over his house. It's hazy. Smoky, you might even say.

Down here is the way out of Helios City. But before we continue on, let's take a quick look at the team.

Daisy's job is to be a crit machine, and also to handle False Swipe duties as necessary. Her stats are middle to low end, but she has a 100% crit chance with Night Slash, and can really fuck something's day up with a couple Swords Dances backing her moves up.

Fancy hasn't changed from the last preview. Comparing the rest of the team to her is unfair because she's such a badass.

Dracolich is much the same as ever, but now has his "fuck you" nuclear option with mega evolution.

Rollgirl is back and she has a Toxic Orb because I mistakenly thought that it healed poison types that hold it. I should have bought some black sludge from the black market. I'll correct the error next time I record. Otherwise, she now has the deadly combination of Toxic and Venoshock, with a nice side of Venom Drench if she really wants to mess someone's day up.

Having a flying move on HenryDavid gives him a very nasty surprise for smug Bug and Fighting types. He's also holding a Lax Incense because his only offensive fighting move is Vital Throw, which forces him to act last.

Finally we have the MVP of the gym battle against East. I mentioned above that I want to give him some better coverage moves. Energy Ball would be a good choice, but the TM for that is still a little ways off. I also really need to look into finding a way to get Moonblast on him, because Disarming Voice is not going to hold up for very much longer.

In what I want to say is one of the only cases of this ever happening, there's a random trainer just hanging out near the way out of the city.

He's not kidding. The smoke in the lower levels is what you might call "really obnoxious." To put it bluntly, you can't see shit.

Daisy acquits herself marvellously in her first battle. Guaranteed crits are a wonderful thing.

This doesn't look too bad, but just wait. It gets much worse.

Cave spelunking feels like a tautology. Like ATM Machine or PIN Number.

That's Overheat if I'm not mistaken. It's blocked by Rock Climb.

Just past Debra we find the way down.

See what I mean? You can't see shit.

Maybe it's just because it's been years of people saying Farfetch'd is not good, but Daisy is really impressing me with how well she's holding up.

Just scrubbing through the footage, the fog is so oppressive that I'm having a really hard time judging what's going on.


I got bored during the fight and decided to show this off.

I love Dracolich, but his mega evolution is such a mess of a design.

I don't believe he enjoyed me making the cave even darker with my lich.

This floor wouldn't be nearly as annoying if the fog opacity were turned down by like... 25%.

Case in point. You can plainly see it's foggy, but you can also see what the hell you're doing.

It's a straight shot to the exit from the ladder.

I don't know why, but...

I felt compelled to catch the Slugma.

my dress gets so dirty!

And... I'm never going back in there if I can't help it. Anybody want me to use a Rhyperior? Well too bad. Volcanion appears somewhere in there in the postgame, but I couldn't care less.

Utira Town is refreshingly small after Helios City. The only point of interest is the gigantic library up north.

It's also one of a couple towns that have flocks of bird pokemon flying about up above everything.


A noble goal!

The library is on everyone's mind.

Uh... what? Didn't someone in Helios City say that Vesryn founded the region 60 years ago?

Yeah. So what the heck? I'ma say that's just inconsistent writing, because all other text we'll see about Vesryn later on says he lived slightly longer than 60 years ago.

This leaf lets us change the forme of a Delta we'll meet in a few updates.

That's a terrible deal! It's just a regular Drilbur.

The way out of town is blocked by a battle. We probably shouldn't disturb them, it looks pretty important.

Um... no. We have one already.

but I don't believe them.

She'll give us $5000 for finding the book, so that's something to keep in mind.

books for them.

If this parasol lady were a little smarter, she could set up a nice business finding stuff in the library for people.

This memorial is 10000% more tasteful than a donation incentive in every GDQ being to name some character 'IWATA'. That might very well be the only time that a pokemon fangame is more tasteful than anything else.

Fuck that, I'll be using it when needed. There are some ball bustingly hard fights in the future, and a full heal revive is too useful to sit on.

Darn lazy millennials? Or I guess Amy is Gen Z? Who knows!

Sonata City is a ways off still. But the races are a fun little diversion. They're also apparently the single best way to get paid in the game.

I have so many questions...

This reward is very worth it. He doesn't pay us in money, instead he pays us with a Cacturnite mega stone! Strangely, Cacturne isn't available for an extremely long time, but we can get a Cacnea from a friend safari. I'm giving serious thought to doing just that.

No joke here. Though I do find it kinda weird that this sailor is trying to recruit a 10 year old.

I forgot to mention it last time, but Full Heals and Max Repels are now for sale with our third badge.

Anyway, let's end this update by going into the library.

: Oh, hey, Amy! I'm so glad you made it. Welcome to Utira Town! It's a beautiful place! Nora! Amy's finally here!

: I heard about what happened at the Jade Tower. That's... horrific. It's hard to believe that the Augur was really the leader of Sky Cult all along. If anything, that just makes what we're doing here even more important.

about the pixies?

the region!

: I figured that if any one place could have information on, or even have that prophecy, it would be here.

: I'd appreciate it if you could help us out. But first, you and I are-

: Damian and I both have Mega Rings and Mega Evolutions on our teams now. I wanted to test my team against yours. So does Damian, though, and we shouldn't waste too much time.

As much as I don't really like Nora, it has been a very long time since we fought her. So she's more overdue for a fight than Damian is.

Wow... can I like change my mind?

: Let's get started then. You're going to see the true power of Mega Evolution!

Nora doesn't have a chance. Her Doublade here doesn't have levitate, so it's weak to Fancy's Earthquakes.

Nora's trying to be cheeky here.

Mega Flygon is Bug/Dragon type, so it doesn't have a 4x weakness to Ice.

However, its best just wasn't good enough.

Celebi is still hilariously weak to Bug moves, and Rollgirl is arguably even more of a beast than duranduran was.

Then in a two-for-one deal, Rollgirl introduces this poor little Floette to the Toxic/Venoshock combo.

Then as a capstone, Daisy introduces this poor little Leavanny to the phrase "4x flying weakness."

Like Damian last time, I want to stress that I didn't pick out a team just to counter Nora here. My team just happened to near-perfectly counter hers entirely by accident.

Damian's team is much the same as it was last time. We'd have quite handily beat him as well.

: I can't believe I lost again! How do you keep beating me? Anyways. Damian and I are going to head back in to keep searching. If you could help out, we would really appreciate it. Let us know if you find anything interesting!

Just a bit, damn. Girl needs to seriously chill out.

: She's not even doing any work- she's left it all to me. While I've been searching, she's been sitting around reading books on ancient Unovan languages, of all things. I should probably go back in. If you could help out, we'd appreciate it.

: I found this on my coat after I got kidnapped back in Vipik City. It's just a hair, but I think it's from one of the Abyssul Cultists. I'm not sure if it'll be useful to you, but Mew needs DNA to transform, right?

Damian's a good kid.

And that's just what we'll be doing... next time!

Looking Ahead

Utira Library

Gengar (5%)
Dusclops (15%)
Delta Budew

NEXT TIME: The library. Let's find that prophecy!