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Part 30: Nasca Town

Hello everyone and welcome back. Today's update isn't going to have a lot going on, but some downtime is appreciated after the past couple of action-packed ones!

Before we get started, let's try to teach Beeisel Meteor Mash.

Oh... well then. Nevermind. Let's just move on to Route 11.

By the way that's a weird sentence to type, because I live a couple miles away from the real life Route 11.

This is another extremely linear route. We could have come here as soon as we reached Kepler City, but there's a mandatory dive pond in the middle. Recall that as soon as we got Dive, we were "locked" into the Abyssal Cult finale, the Anastasia gym battle, and then the Taen fight. So this is the first chance we actually have to visit the full route.

She had a Pachirisu and a Dedenne. For whatever reason, I always seem to have trouble fighting the pikaclones from Gen 4 and beyond.

Here's as far as we could have come before Anastasia.

The end of the route is just ahead. Just a few trainers to go through first!

What does that even mean?

Grumpig and Venomoth aren't exactly top tier my dude. My engine bee shut them both down without even supereffective moves!

Hell yeah I'm down for a battle!

What's funny is her Alakazam could have shut down Beeisel with just some fire coverage. But nope! Gotta Calm Mind and swap items instead.

Ultimately Nasca town is just a stop along the routes between Kepler and Hekate Town up ahead. Its big claim to fame is the safari zone.

As you explore the town, the screen darkens as you move up the steps. There's a reason for this we'll see in a minute. Just keep it in mind for now.

This is the way out of town. We could take it now and keep going, but there's some stuff to find here. We'll go that way next time.

I also don't know exactly when, but at some point shops started selling Max Potions and Full Restores. Handy, but we're still well covered by Hyper Potions and Full Heals for the time being.

We finally, between the 5th and 6th gyms and with an average team level in the low 60s, have access to a MooMoo Milk vendor. We've had Hyper Potions since we beat Xavier way back in the second gym. Two steps forward, one step back Insurgence.

At least we can buy as many as we want for $500 a pop, I suppose.

Nasca Town is the breadbasket of Torren. Believe it or not, no cult ever aims to disrupt that.

Another fade-out here.

This is a small sidequest to get one of the original starters. We can catch them all in the wild elsewhere, but no reason not to help this poor guy out, right?

These fades are getting closer together.

: Are you all right? Don't panic. I'm only here to talk.

: Persephone's placed a huge bounty on your head. Now, everyone's trying to find you. I'm not interested in all that. Remember when you escaped the base? When Darkrai was summoned?

Oh good. Amy is seeing ghosts now.

: Most legendaries don't In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Rayquaza rescued East somehow.

Confirmed Deaths: 3?

We never find out for certain. East is gone from the story and Rayquaza never again shows up in its Mega Forme.

: Persephone and Darkari's goals are completely different. She doesn't want world domination or control, she just wants revenge. ...and you need to stop her from getting it. Soon, she'll find a way to control it.

: Not only that... but you and that green-haired girl have your own reason for saving it. It may have the secret to curing Audrey's son. I apologize for taking your time. Believe it or not, you and Darkrai might share a common goal. Have a nice day.

Well then, looks like we have another long-term goal. But how do you even find the Nightmare Pokemon? I suspect his cult will somehow be involved.

These will come in so handy. Seriously. In the super late- and post-game, I just want to get from A to B without having to stop and fight every Diglett and Zubat that pops up.

during the Kanto-Torren War.

Why is everyone talking about the black market all of the sudden?

Don't rely on moves that aren't 100% accurate my dude.

That's oddly specific.

There is, but it's another postgame thing. It's another member of the Forces of Nature trio... Thundurus.

Got another move tutor here!

150 power, 5 PP, 90% accuracy. Powerful, but the sort of moves I tend to stay away from. I can spam 141 power 100% accuracy dark beams all day long with Dracolich.

doesn't even believe she can.

Poor kid.

See that tiny sliver of dark in the water?

Let's get it over with.

That's 4/8! We're halfway done.

I actually forgot about this little fellow when I did the looking ahead bit last time.

He's hanging out in a little wind farm.

Been a hot minute since we've seen a new Delta, eh?

Delta Pawniard is Flying/Fighting type. Its three abilities are Defiant (Boosts the Pokemon's Attack stat when its stats are lowered), Frisk (The Pokemon can check an opposing Pokemon's held item), and Wind Force (Hidden; Flying-type moves boost this Pokemon's speed). There's also Mega Delta Bisharp's ability of Technician (Powers up the Pokemon's weaker moves).

Many moves that this Pawniard and Bisharp learn are either at or just under 60 power. In addition to those moves that its mega form boosts, it also learns a lot of really powerful moves from both types. To put it plainly, this is an extremely good Delta type, and is very likely to be joining the team soon.

By the way, Mega Delta Bisharp has a base attack of 155, giving it the same base attack as Mega Pinsir and Mega Gyarados. Bisharp himself isn't too shabby either with 125!

Everyone should probably be saying their goodbyes to HenryDavid, because he will be retiring very, very soon.

DragonKick isn't a very good nickname, so as always if anyone has any better suggestions, I'm all ears!

Let's end the update by going into the safari zone and poking around.

I could show the map, but it's just a gigantic square. We're headed to the bottom right corner of the area.

This is what that guy was looking for. So let's just jump ahead...

Diana shouldn't be a problem with Dracolich. She's the sixth gym leader, in charge of the Psychic-themed gym. But that's still many update off.

I'm not 100% sure on what Insurgence's Safari Zone mechanics are. Everything runs after pretty much a single turn, and safari balls are worthless. So no cute XP pinata for our team!

So let's end the update here with a vote. Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle?

Probably won't be using them on the team, but having the option is always nice.

Looking Ahead

Nasca Cave

Same as Nasca Town

Murk Forest

Butterfree (10%)
Joltik (4%)

Murk Forest Grotto

Delta Scraggy

Murk Forest Inner Area

Delta Shinx

Murk Forest Spiders

Ariados (6)
Delta Metang*

Hekate Town

Munchlax Egg
Haunter (Trade Machoke)

Fiery Caverns

Darmanitan (Standard)
Delta Snorunt*

* - Requires Mew DNA we don't have yet

NEXT TIME: Into the forest!