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Part 37: Oranos Town

Hello everyone and welcome back. Last time we arrived in a new town, so let's explore, shall we?

Oranos Town is pretty small. It's another of those stopover towns in the region.

We'll be tackling that next time! There's a pretty cool puzzle there and a new Delta to befriend.

Oh boy. Oranos is also the site of the Infernal Cult actually becoming plot relevant. I'm so sorry.

Check out my winged bat dragon!

Easy access to Shadow Ball is greatly appreciated.

No respect at all. I'm much stronger than Nora is!

Yeah... it's a good thing Red never made a name for himself.

Walking out and the director calls us for the last Broadcast Tower mission we can do in the normal game. He'll undoubtedly call us before the postgame starts, but he won't actually let us depart until then. To quote the wiki...

"The player receives a call for this mission after completing Mission 5 and then traveling a random number of steps. However, the director does not allow the player to embark on this mission until they have the ability to use Rock Climb."

Great job Amy. You stole a choice scarf from someone's HM slave.

That's my personal air transport!

While searching for the item hidden near the statue, I accidentally blunder into the next bit of plot.

: I've missed Oranos Town so much, it's such a beautiful place.

: Oh, is that Mrs. Parker? How are your kids?

: Thank you. I have something very important to say to all friends here after all. I'm not sure how many of you have heard, but there's been a nasty sickness going around Torren.

: We don't iknow how bad it is yet- it might even be fatal- but we've seen some of its effects and believe me, you do not want to come in contact with it.

trustworthy people. Yeah.

: These friends of mine, who are definitely not cult members, have developed a vaccine that will protect you from this virus. We are also organizing quarantine zones, so that anyone who has already been infected can be treated and cared for.

: I really hope the good people of Oranos Town will help me on this journey. We are supplying vaccines in the northmost building of the town. I strongly encourage everyone to sign up for this program. And ALL of you need to sign up.

: After all, the virus affects your behaviour. Who wouldn't want the vaccine... unless you're already infected? So if anyone you know is acting suspiciously, such as speaking against the Augur, please report them to us. We will deal with them. Remember, your safety is our priority. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

Fuck me. The Infernal Cult is very, very dangerous. We're going to amply find that out in the next many updates.

Most of the people in the gathering say something similar.

Superman's disguise at work.

The Beedrill was the easy part, though. It was his Haunter that fucked my shit up.

all over.

I'm sure we'll put this to good use!

Mt. Rose is the Infernal Cult's main base.

This item that's a fair distance from the statue is what that one guy was talking about earlier.

could do with his kind of influence.

Uh, no.

The line going into the vaccine center is pretty long.

Amy's 10.

Real helpful there, my dude. Anyway, we'll get to his request next time once the way forward is open.

As much as I hate to do it, Flamenco treads too much of the same ground as Dracolich. The closer we get to the endgame, the more vitally important it is to cover as many types as possible. So onto the bench he goes.

I think about it. I think about it awful hard...

In fact, there's an item we can only just recently get in the Vipik Dump.

Way back near where we rescued Damian so long ago, we can find a rip in spacetime.

Way back at the start of the thread, someone asked if we could use a Mega Beedrill. Well, we now have the option to do so.

However, this is Pokemon Insurgence. Beedrill has always been an early-game mon. In any other game I wouldn't have qualms with using it, and would even look forward to the idea. Here, his mega stone just comes too late to make him very useful, sorry.

However, there's been a long-standing request from the thread. In fact I would say it's the single most popular request you guys ever made. It was agreed upon damn near unanimously. Who am I to argue with the popular vote?

Who, indeed?

She two shot a level 80 Audino while herself being at level 44. So let's meet the team, yeah?

It's weird seeing everyone at level 70. That's the level Mewtwo originally was encountered at. Very few postgame challenges in mainline pokemon games ever reach this level.

Magnolia's moves haven't yet been fixed. Give it time.

Fancy has finally replaced Giga Impact with Echoed Voice. Otherwise she's the same lovable engine of destruction she's always been.

When mega evolved, Dracolich has close to 250 SpAtk!

There's far too much overlap between Beeisel and Magnolia, and I'm not sure it's the sort of problem that can easily be solved. I'm afraid one or the other is going to have to go on the bench, and it likely won't be the rocket bee.

Yes she's back. Not only is she back, but she's better than ever. Gateau is completely immune to dragon moves, can't be hurt by ghost moves, and actually has a powerful counter to one of Fairy's only weaknesses. She's also our designated boulder-mover thanks to Psychic. STAB Return is a powerful thing.

Before we deal with Zenith's new plan, let's get the Director some more footage.

the northern Dragon Ruins.

it out.

Who gives a crap about Latios? Gimme dat dragon.


This map is reminiscent of the Dragon Ruins without actually being part of them properly.

Lernaean is a terrible nickname.

I think we're getting screwed on this deal. Station owner's gonna be so rich he could lose 99% of his wealth and still be set for life.

Seriously who gives a fuck about the stupid Latios? There are easier legendaries to get out there. I just caught a shiny psuedo-legendary hydra.

She's at least usable, which is more than I can say for the one I got in my last game.

We should probably investigate this whole vaccine nonsense. I can't imagine Zenith is up to anything above-board.

Oh that's real bad.



quarantined for the safety of Torren.

This has gotten extremely bad. This is some secret police shit.

Zenith-Zachary walks up after the old man leaves.

: How is it coming?

: ...I can't believe it was this easy. That stupid child and that foolish old man gave us the perfect excuse to collect the DNA of everyone in the region.

: ...why don't you... forget that I said that. Continue to work and let me know if anyone... important shows up.

Why do I not believe you?

Gonna go get my knees broken~

: Thank you. You may leave us.

: Ma'am, you were caught trying to avoid my team to avoid vaccination. That's very suspicious behaviour. There's really only one possibilty. I'm afraid you'll have to be quarantined. It's for the good of the region.

: I'm very sorry ma'am. We just can't take any risks. However... if there's anyone else you know who is in hiding... Perhaps we can come to some sort of arrangement?

That Zachary is such a nice young man. He comes into our town and declares himself in charge and starts locking us up in a quarantine prison while telling us it's for our own good. Then he offers to let us out if we rat out our friends and neighbors. What? Fascism? What's that?

: That sounds wonderful. Thank you, Mrs. Williams, you're doing your region a service. Just report to my friend at the front desk. Get your shot, give him info, and I'm sure we can help you stay safe.

Like I said, the Infernal Cult is dangerous. Zenith has that "nice young man everyone knows" thing going for him and without anyone to contest his claims, he's declared himself in charge of the entire damn town and started laying down the law. And it gets worse.

: They were a long, long time ago, and since the Augur's rewritten most of the history books, I wouldn't be surprised if you're not.

: To avoid getting trouble for it, she accused other townsfolk of being witches. Those who didn't confess were hanged. Those who did, and accused others, were allowed to live. The town was a mess wthin a month. Accusations ran rampant. Everyone threw their friends and family under the bus to save their hides.

: It's not very heartwarming, but it works for me. It's a very common strategy amongst dictators and tyrants. Letting people off the hook as long as they turn others in. They do the work for you, and it works beautifully well.

going to capitalize on its existence.

: I think I'm done. I didn't call you in here to monologue. I called you in here to show you exactly why you should be terrified of my cult.

: Have you gotten your vaccination?

: ...beautiful, isn't it? I guess it's hard to tell the difference, considering how empty and brainwashed the people of this region already are... but anyways. I'm in a hurry. Have fun, you two.

So yeah. Zenith's little vaccinations give him an army of obedient drones. He literally mind controls them to do his bidding.

The fight itself isn't worth mentioning. Her pokemon are decently strong, but pretty much all of them are weak to Dracolich's dark beams.

At least beating them snaps them out of their stupor.

Let's also get out of here.

Zenith's little speech, plus Medium Williams' stalling tactics served to keep us busy until he'd finished here in town.

And that's enough for now.

Looking Ahead

Route 15

Empoleon (Surf) (5%)
Carracosta (Surf)
Clawitzer (Old Rod)

Route 15 Hidden Grotto


Route 15 Underground

Ferroseed (4%)
Ferrothorn (1%)

Satellite Corps

Delta Cyndaquil

Amphitrite City

Budew Egg ($2500)
Noibad (Trade Dark Type)
Delta Shuckle (Trade Bulbasaur)

Crystal Caves

Slowking (Surf)

NEXT TIME: Amphitrite City has the 7th badge!