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Part 40: Amphitrite Gym

Hello everyone and welcome back. Let's go get the 7th badge!

Alright so, the gym itself is pretty simple. It's just a large indoor pool with a bunch of trainers.

There's a few underwater passages, though only one leads to Calreath. It's really straightforward and I appreciate that.

In case there was any doubt what my strategy for the gym is. If I can shock the shit out of it, I will. I'm gonna take full advantage of thunder never missing during rainy weather.

What does that have to do with me not making it to Calreath?

This lady ran right up under me. Rude.

Someone's parents were Zelda nerds.

Between Magnolia and NATHAN we've got this shit on lockdown.

I believe that's all the above-water trainers, so let's go hunting for the rest. There's like 5 or 6 dive spots in the gym and the remainder of the trainers are inside them.

Welp. That one was a bust.

This small patch on the west side of the gym is next.

That's pretty good. Also there's no pokemon shown because Magnolia and a Ludicolo KOed each other somehow.

Just past Evil is the way up.

That's the woman with no sense of personal space.

This is the northwest corner of the gym, and this is the last dive spot.

Beneath is a fairly long tunnel.

Somehow his Quagsire made it rain underwater. No idea how that works.

These NPC trainers have no concept of personal space.

This tunnel is long enough that I have doubts about anyone's ability to hold their breath through it. You'd need Blitzball player lungs to swim through!

Amy can make it because she's wearing a SCUBA.

Welcome to Calreath's room.

I'm gonna warn you right now... this isn't gonna go well.

: Amy. It's good to see you. How was your... er... meeting?

: I see. He gave me the same speech a while ago. It's how I was able to meet my partner. Listen. He's a bit... intense. I trust him, though. I hope you do too. But anyways, are you ready for our battle? I'm anxious to get started! Ahem.

: My Gym isn't just a Water-gym. I focus on Water in every possible way. The ocean, the lakes, the rivers. And yes, even the rain that fills them. The rain is one of the most important natural forces in the world.

: But it's also one of the most destructive- and I'm about to show you why. Let's do it.

Cal leads things off with a mega evolving Politoed. It has Drizzle which naturally brings the rain. If you look at the rest of the team, one thing in particular might stand out. A Heliolisk benefits from the rest of the team's gimmick, but doesn't actually contribute to rain. The real danger, though, are Dragonite, Greninja, and Goodra.

Greninja has Protean, so no matter what moves it uses it gets STAB. It's the biggest threat on the team by a large margin.

This is very important. It's raining in the gym by default, but Politoed here also brings rain. So in 5 turns, NATHAN's dominance ends.

Mega Politoed keeps Drizzle, but just gains a bunch more base stats. Its SpDef increases to 140 base!

Because it's raining, NATHAN gets another 1.5x boost on top of his already lethal Thunders.

Or, to put it another way...

Whoops. I was wrong. NOW NATHAN gets the additional 1.5x damage boost.

Here's where the problems begin.

Dragonite just shrugged off a boosted, STAB Thunder.

NATHAN is deathly allergic to ground moves.

Gateau comes in because of her sky high defense and ability to hit dragon for supereffective.

Hurricane hurt, for sure. But Gateau still got Shell Smash off.

Dazzling Gleam finishes off Dragonite.

Husk's whole job is to stonewall Heliolisk.

Nothing it has can even so much as touch Husk. I should have been using this time to revive NATHAN and prepare the rest of the team.

Instead I decided to buff Husk's nonexistant attack.

I pulled Husk out as soon as Greninja came out, and Centaurion walked out into Dark Pulse. Thankfully Fighting resists Dark so...

It kinda tickled.

The next problem: Greninja is really goddamned fast, and it's powerful. Ice Beam one shot Centaurion.

Gateau came out and it just scalded her to death. So far the only damage it's taken has been caused by Life Orb.

Because NATHAN mega evolved, Dracolich can't do it himself. So he has to set up New Moon before he can start spamming dark beams. Dracolich is also deathly weak to Ice Beam, which Greninja is not above spamming.

We're REALLY in trouble now.

Magnolia and Husk will both go in a single turn each. So I'm basically gonna have to sacrifice one of them to revive someone else.

Sorry about this Magnolia.

No... I said heal up someone else! The fuck are you doing, past me?

The fuck are you doing Calreath?

Not very effective my ass! It took off 90% of its HP!

Again with the AI's inability to keep from switching out. I don't... I don't get it.

Magnolia is faster than Greninja, though she can't hit it for supereffective at the moment thanks to Protean.

It still finally goes down though! Fucking hell...

We are behind the ball here. We've got one heavily damaged pokemon and a Shedinja, while Cal has Heliolisk, Goodra, and Manaphy still.

Great use of your time there, Cal. Restore the electric lizard.

Magnolia is definitely the MVP of this battle! She's quite the trooper.

Though she's not gonna last much longer.

Magnolia is KOed in this turn regardless of what I do. So now it's time to heal someone else.

Rest well Magnolia!

Oh goodie.

I don't even know why I keep thinking it, but for the longest time I was convinced that Gateau was a special attacker instead of the physical powerhouse she is. After this battle I finally rectify that and give her a proper physical fairy move, one that will take advantage of her stats.

Sure, why not?

This battle is still going south for me.

Rapidly, at that.

Let's break out the Megalixir.

If ever there was a time where we needed it, then it's now.

Just in time, too!

Sadly NATHAN lost his mega evolution. But Manaphy is water type and he's a walking electrical socket.

Scald barely hurts.

That's both of those gone, at least.

Thunderbolt rules.

NATHAN hits 78, too!

Let's just shut this fucker down.

Neither side can really hurt the other very much, but NATHAN has freedom of movement, and I have enough healing items to keep him on his feet.

Gonna hedge my bets a little.

Another Thunderbolt paralyzes Goodra again.

Little bastard!

Now for some reason, Thunderbolt barely hurts Goodra. That's actually the result of two of them!

May as well take full advantage of the lull in battle while it's asleep, right?

This goo dragon is surprisngly tough.

Still stalling for time. Don't mind me!

NATHAN goes down again, but now I'm no longer up against a wall.

A fully refreshed Centaurion comes back out.

God I love STAB item-less Acrobatics.

Sure, whatever.

That was tough. I completely underestimated Calreath and got my ass kicked as a result. If not for the healing items, I would not have won this battle at all.

were THAT good.

: You really are fantastic. You'll be a great addition to our group. Here's your badge!

I legitimately have no idea what the command limit on this thing is anymore. This lets the level trainer use level 90 Audinos, so maybe the cap is 100 now?

: And just cause I like ya so much, have this, too.

Surprisingly few of our special attackers can make use of this. It's honestly a pity, because it's such a good move.

: That TM contains the move Calm Mind. I know, it's a bit odd for a Rain leader to give out a Psychic TM. I promise you though- it's a fantastic move. It's definitely worth having! Now... since the First Augur disappeared, we don't actually have an eighth Gym Leader for you to face. In the meantime though, I guess y-


: What.

There's a little handy exit down here.

: It's the big TV on that tower! Someone's doing a broadcast!
: What? That's illegal! We haven't used that TV in years!

: Thank you. People of Amphitrite City. You may recognize me. I'm Zachary, your friendly neighborhood librarian. I'm also in charge of spearheading the vaccine movement. It's our goal to shut out this... heh... infernal Deoxys disease from all over.

: Not only is he unvaccinated, which is dangerous enough, but he's been trying to convince people to stay endangered! My friends, we cannot allow this to continue.

to me.

: Oh and... why not.

: Thank you for watching this emergency broadcast.


: Diana, she's in danger. I need to go.

Nothing good, Nora. Nothing good.

: There's no way people will actually do that, right? How can Zenith possibly think this will work?

: It actually worked...

: We can't hope to beat someone who could do something like that.

A beat passes.

: I guess we have to climb Mount Rose. That's the way to Deyraan Town. We're chosen by legends! Zenith doesn't stand a chance. Right?

I hope so. I really do.

A bunch of people in town now repeat this phrase. We really need to take care of this. Fuck.

Looking Ahead

Mount Rose Base

Ninjask (5%)
Shedinja (5%)
Escavalier (5%)
Accelgor (5%)

Mount Rose

Ninjask (5%)
Shedinja (5%)
Wormadam (Plant Cloak)
Escavalier (5%)
Accelgor (5%)

Mount Rose Grotto

Delta Phantump

Mount Rose Interior


Mount Rose Exterior 2F


Mount Rose Exterior 2F Grotto


Mount Rose 2F Interior


NEXT TIME: We climb Mount Rose.