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Part 46: Erebus City

Hello everyone and welcome back. Last time was pretty rough, but we got through it all the same. Today's update will be a lot better.

It's a shame that possessing these crystals doesn't confer any bonuses to us. I'm not sure how you could handle that and still keep the game balanced, but it would be cool all the same.

Well, he doesn't have his magical plot macguffin anymore. So we've already severely limited the damage he can do.

Malde... you can use the rest.

healing up.

The game actually seamlessly transitioned into the second town in the dream world. We're now in Cerebrum Town.

It's another really tiny settlement.

There's a mart worker here, too. So we can stock up on supplies if needed.

All roads lead to Adam, it seems.

Okay guys, we gotta take a quiz. You just do the reading, I'll take care of the hard part. Let's get it on!

I'm told it's Rainer.

This is a Zeta-Omicron question. I've never played it so, according to the wiki, it's Zeus.

66, apparently.


Trapinch. Though you'd have to actually go to Bulbapedia to figure that out. (Or just look on the Insurgence wiki for the answers.)

Hell yeah!

What's she gonna do, fail at me some more?

of thing.

There's a trading sequence in the postgame, and this woman is part of it.

I checked the wiki after that and realized we'd skipped the Old Parchment, so here it is.

Let's continue our exploration of Cerebrum Town with the upper half.

you don't want to get involved with that.

If we're in Amy's own version of Magicant, then I guess this rich boy stands in for our ability to amass wealth by beating strangers in pokemon battles? Am I thinking too hard about this?

Not every home in here has one, but there's PCs in some houses. So we can change out our team if we need to. But the hard part of the Dream Realm is over so whatever.

This guy has good advice, though. Break problems up into smaller ones you can solve individually and it's a lot easier to deal with them.


Delta Yamask is yet another Steel/Poison type family. Its abilities are Aftermath (Damages the attacker landing the finishing hit), Infiltrator (Passes through the opposing Pokemon's barrier and strikes), and Wonder Skin (Hidden; Makes status moves more likely to miss).

To its credit, it seems like it's pretty good. I didn't pick it up, so we can't get back in the dream realm until the postgame. Cofagrigus is pretty tanky anyway, and now it can combine its 145 base defense with a steel type to turtle down and Toxic shit to death. It also learns Perish Song.

You know, I actually kinda wish I had picked this up when I had the chance. It would have been a really big middle finger to at least one member of the Elite Four.

That's me in the corner.

Yes I know it's referring to the rapid eye movement stage of sleep. But don't try and tell me you wouldn't link a REM video if you had the chance.

up top, with those Giratina-lookin' folks.

There's a Zoronite hidden up there somewhere.

most vividly!

We can go north of here to enter Erebus City, but there's still one more trainer here in the REM Ocean



Gym leader?

So, uh, welcome to the city with the 8th gym.

true fan.

Hmph. Indeed.

They sure have written several NPCs that discuss gatekeeping. Though to be fair, there are actually people that think like that.

Amphitrite City.

Mega Hydreigon is one I can't wait to talk about just because of how nuts its ability is.


This guy can teach...

Knock Off
Foul Play
Sucker Punch
Nasty Plot

I checked after the gym battle and sadly none of my dudes can learn Nasty Plot. Pity.

Magby Egg.

Four is. (shouldn't that be are because they're a group?)

Heck yeah. I need me that badge.

And that's Erebus City. No sense in wasting time, so...

: Amy. I heard from the citizens of Prion Town that you finally ended up here. I'm Adam. I'm the leader here.

You just did, though?

: You might be wondering why there's an actual full-on Gym in the Dream Realm. Well... let's say I'm just as trapped here as you are. Persephone trapped me here a year ago. It was a brutal trap- I didn't see it coming at all.

: I can promise you... you'll want to hear it. This is my Gym. It's Dark-type, with a laser puzzle. I'm very fond of it. You're going to want an 8th badge anyways, so why don't you meet me at the back?

: Please. I promise you, this is important. To me. I've got information you might need... and I might know how to get you out of this Dream Realm, too, amongst other things. Meet me in the back room.

For the first time, there's no guide here giving out free bottles of water.

This is a simple laser reflection puzzle. I'm pretty sure if you went to the Android or iOS app store and searched for "laser puzzle game" you'd find one that does exactly this pretty quickly. The basic conceit here is we just need to turn these mirrors to cause the laser to go to the yellow receiver up top.

The first one is just there to ease you in.


This room is so fucking laggy. Like holy shit.


The second mirror puzzle is simple enough as well. It can be tricky if you think you have to use all the mirrors, but this is the only solution.

The last puzzle is much too big to show on a single screen, and the mirrors don't show up on the RPG Maker map. But it's no wonder the gym is laggy as hell, because every tile that a laser can pass over has its own event being called.


Yes... I know.

Everyone knows that.

are Dark-type!

It's like telling someone that Super Mario Bros. 2 was based on Doki Doki Panic.



Taking screenshots of every move I made would pad the update length out. So I just skipped to the end. Also you might be wondering why I listed all those pokemon. Well, those were what the trainers in this gym used. None of them are Dark-type!

: Well dang, Amy. You really do look older. Listen... What do you know about the First Augur?

: Not much, eh?

: I'm not dead, although, being stuck in here, I might as well be. I guess it's story time, isn't it? This was a few years ago, back when the Torren Region was a complete mess. Despite that, life was amazing for me. I was happy, I had a family, I was a Gym Leader. I was even chosen by Hoopa, a legendary pokemon!

problems in Torren.

: So when I saw one of the most respected trainers of all time... I messed up.

: They had seen the same problems I had, and I talked them into making a huge mistake.

: You guys... were chosen. By Arceus. To guard the... you know. The strongest trainers throughout all of history. The Timeless. I'm such a huge fan, Steven, Cynthia. I-
: Really, Cyn? This is the one you want to trust with the crystal? If Arceus finds-
: He's more strong-hearted than he seems, Steven. I'm sure he'll make a worthy ally.
: You better be right about this...

: I... yes. All the cults... all the chaos in the region... I can't stop it alone. I need your help.
: And how, pray tell, did you learn about our group?

: You what? Cynthia, for f-


Remember way back when we saw that Lucario mega evolve in the ancient ruins? Cynthia was hiding just out of sight the whole time.

: Pokemon can't Mega Evolve on their own. I knew there was something fishy going on... and I found her hiding in a nearby cave. She wasn't going to say anything, but when she noticed I had Hoopa, she mentioned this... whole thing.
: ...Cynthia. We've talked about this. You have to be more careful.
: Hoopa's chosen him, Steven! He's trustworthy! I know it!
: ...we put it to a vote. Unfortunately, the side that was for you borrowing the crystal was nearly unanimous. But Adam, you need to listen carefully. Even we don't know what the crystal is for... all we know is that Arceus wants it guarded.

: People have tried to steal it before, and you cannot let that happen.
: You mean those weirdo Giratina-lookalike cultists? They're no threat! Not with that crystal by my side!
: They're not cultists. They're... something else. I'm not entirely sure.


: My group has decided to lend you this crystal, against my counsel, to help you deal with the huge cult problems that Torren has. But you have to return it- you cannot let it fall into the hands of Giratina's group!

: I understand. I won't let you down, guys. I won't lose!

: I bit off more than I could chew. I thought I was undefeatable- and in a way, I kind of was. With Arceus' ancient crystal, I couldn't die or be defeated. ...but I learned a very important lesson that day.

: Because even invulnerability has a loophole. It was clever, I admit. Exactly one year ago, Persephone and Jaern had the bright idea of using my family against me.

: But even then- even with my not fighting back- I was still invulnerable. This was the first time that Persephone met Darkrai.

Yeah. Adam is our dad. We're the daughter of the First Augur.

: Luckily... I was able to contact my partner, Hoopa, who was still in the normal world. I had it send Mew to rescue you, and I woke you up and guided you out. Already, you're doing so much better than I am.

And Persephone and, technically, the Sky Cult because Jaern has been on the run since we kicked his ass.

: And it's up to you to reunite this crystal, to return it to its guardians and stop this Giratina group. They've been manipulating us since forever. I'm not sure why exactly, but they want that crystal.

Infernal Base?

: Whatever mind abilities Zenith had? It all ties back to them. I just wish I knew more about them.

: Hoopa could have gotten me out, but I was sent here without it. Darkrai's probably forgotten about me. But you have Mew, and with an eighth badge, it'll be able to Transform to copy Hoopa's ability, Hyperspace Hole. You can get out of here.

: I know it's a lot to take in... and I'm sorry for that. It's not easy to tell you all of this. I wish I could have softened it. But you have a world to save. We don't have time.

: Father against daughter... this is the battle of the century.

So first of all, if we lose to Adam then we have to sit through that 10 minute cutscene again. This is probably one of the worst design choices this game makes. Fortunately, Adam is pretty easy as long as you have stuff that is strong against Dark.

Like Calreath before him, he has a Protean Greninja. Otherwise, everything else is straightforward.

NATHAN resists all the Greninja's moves, so let's set up a nasty arena trap.

The traps are set...

For some reason, Greninja uses Toxic Spikes again. Sure, whatever.

Even despite it being poison type, NATHAN very nearly one shots the Greninja.

The AI can't resist its Full Restores at 1 HP.

NATHAN keeps shocking the shit out of the Greninja.

I think I broke Adam.

NATHAN finally takes the ninja frog out.

God I love Livewire.

Come again?

Sure I could have used Aragog to earthquake this thing into submission, but he's not immune to the toxic spikes.

I'm pretty sure that's all of Adam's items. I hope.

I feel bad for this Drapion. It's not having a good day.

Adam sent it out basically to revive Greninja. Not really a smart play on his part!

I guess because he's part flying-type, Centaurion isn't affected by the toxic spikes.

Drain Punch!

Gateau gets poisoned while Hydreigon avoids being paralyzed. Sure, why not?

Mega Hydreigon has an ability called Lernean. To quote...


Power of a damaging move is split across the number of heads + 5 (You have five heads at 100%~51% hp, seven at 50%~11% and nine at 10% and below).

Lernean splits the power of a damaging move across each head. The move hits "n" times and each hit's base power is calculated as follows:

Each hit's base power = (Original base power/n)+5, where "n" is the number of heads.

Let's do a little math. Play Rough is a 90 power move.

90 / 5 = 18
18 + 5 = 23

So I hit each head with 23 base power. Except it's also 4x weak to Fairy so...

23 * 4 = 92 power. It then hits 5 times. I think.

I'm probably 100% wrong on this because I'm having a hard time figuring out what the fuck. The ability doesn't make any sense.

I've been informed that this is applied outgoing damage. So, damage that Mega Hydreigon deals. So that's actually pretty decent for a Danger Mario setup.

The point is, without even needing to Shell Smash, Gateau turned this Mega Hydra into a smoking crater.

It seems like Centaurion has been putting down a lot of pretenders, lately.

There can be only one!

Acrobatics is a good default move!

It feels like using Sucker Punch when you're already faster is kind of a wasted turn. Also how fast is that Spiritomb to still move first despite being paralyzed?

Not that it mattered.

We meet again!

I kinda figured that would have done more to its Dark-half. Oh well, whatever.

Adam can we talk? We need to talk about your Toxic Spikes addiction. We're surrounding you with love, Adam.

I don't know why it doesn't occur to me to use Acrobatics. But on the upside, Centaurion has healed up the bruise that Spiritomb gave him.

I still think I broke Adam.

: Congratulations. You deserve this more than anyone else I know.

: And please, take this as well.

: Dark Matter is a powerful move, but its user will need to recharge the next turn. And... you'll need this.

: Listen. Behind my Gym there is a small cave with an insignia on the wall. These are the insignias marking closed portals- Hoopa can use these to travel from place to place. You can use that to get back to the real world.

: Well, you need to get going. We have so much to discuss, but we'll need to save it for another time. Time passes differently in the Dream Realm, who knows what you could have missed? You need to get the rest of the shards of that crystal! You can't let those Giratina creeps get what they want!

It's unfair. Amy is reunited with her only family after such a long journey. She no sooner meets her dad before she has to part with him again to go and save the world.

NEXT TIME: We return to the real world.