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Part 50: Elite Four

Hello everyone and welcome back. Today's the update I've been dreading the most since I first decided to do the LP.

So first let me just...

Lower the difficulty to Easy. I'll allow the wiki to explain


The Pokémon League's challenge conditions change based on what Difficulty mode the player is using. On Easy difficulty, there is no difference from normal trainer battles. On Normal difficulty, the player's Battle Style is forced to Set. On Hard difficulty, the player is restricted from using items during battle while also having the player's Battle Style forced to Set; for the sake of fairness, the Elite Four and Champion will also be forbidden from using items in battle.



Note that there is currently a bug involving the Elite Four (and Champion) using the incorrect teams on Easy difficulty. They will use their Normal difficulty teams instead.

If I wanted to play on Set, I'd play on Set.

When I got done with Victory Road, Generator had reached level 90. So I had to grind everyone else up to 90 as well. Why? Because their team levels scale with the highest level on your team.

Flamenco will outspeed nearly anything if he gets a New Moon off. He's basically a stronger, SpAtk-focused version of Dracolich.

It really says something that Cirno is a middle-of-the-road special attacker as far as this team goes. Whatever she hits will have a really bad day, though.

Generator doesn't have NATHAN's coverage range, but he's also an absolute monster. 322 SpAtk at level 90 is nuts.

There's no doubting what Snorflax's job is. He's designed to take hits all day long and keep going.

Aragog is probably going to hit more than 300 attack by level 100. He's also the only mon on the team with a mega stone, and will probably see the most action for that reason.

Finally, Centaurion. He's still amazing!

I'm frantically making sure I'm recording here. The first time I tried recording this, I got through 3 of the 4 Elites and realized that OBS wasn't even open!

use shift mode.

65 hours!

There's a room on either side of the Giratina statue. We're going in the left side first.

Inside that room are two more rooms. We'll just tackle this from left to right going across.


Kayla has a Baton Pass team. Her Smeargle sets it up and the rest kick ass.

Smeargle puts Centaurion to sleep.

Just remember that the Hard version of these fights disallow items.

It puts Centaurion to sleep again. Sigh.

So I heal him. Again.

Blaziken comes out and hides behind a Substitute doll.

Centaurion does a cool flip and breaks the substitute.

Naturally it's a speed boost Blaziken.

It tries to buff its stats while...

Centaurion performs more Acrobatics and knocks it the fuck out.

Suddenly, Kayla's team doesn't quite know what to do.

Scizor buffs its attack while Centaurion hits it really hard.

It buffs some more...

The problem with a gimmick team is once you neuter that gimmick, you're behind the ball.

Espeon comes right out to a Drain Punch.

To its credit, Stored Power one shots Centaurion.

But then Aragog puts the fear of god into it.

The X-Scissor meant for the Espeon hits Scizor instead. Even "not very effective" still nearly KOed it.

And Mega Aragog is faster than Scizor. So the 4/6 attack buff is gone.

Espeon comes out

Espeon baton passes.

Sylveon eats an X-Scissor.

Then it eats an Earthquake.

It's trying to set the gimmick back up except...

Now a mega spider is loose and tearing through the team.

Show of hands, who's surprised?

It's cruel as hell to send out Slowbro into an attack that it's weak against.

I feel bad for Kayla here.

You'd think I'd have eventually learned, but no I'm as bad as Kayla. I kept queuing up X-Scissors instead of Earthquakes.

And now the Espeon can't actually Baton Pass away as much as I'm sure the AI would love to.

Ow. It dealt less than 10% damage.

Aragog, meanwhile, knocks it out in a single hit.

maybe even the Champion!

One down, four to go!

Second room time.

Eduard runs the Sandstorm team.

Washing Machine Rotom is a mean "fuck you" but otherwise not too bad.

Hippowdon tries to Earthquake Snorflax.

Snorflax don't give a fuck and smacks it with toxic.

Even not buffed, Snorflax's seed bombs really hurt!

Snorflax does not care about Eduard's antics. My only regret is not using some of this early downtime to set up Belly Drum, because I'm pretty sure he could have actually swept this team.

Pursuit hurts a bit more than Earthquake did.

But then Tyranitar goes down and it's not a problem anymore.

Centaurion comes out to deal with the Cacturne.

Mega Mixtape?

Desert bandit Cacturne looks so awesome.

And Eduard is plainly planning some shit.

Centaurion nips that in the bud, pardon the pun.

In my first run of this game, Washer Rotom did a number on my guys.

Here, it barely bothers Snorflax.

On the other hand, Seed Bomb bothers it quite a bit!

Eduard heals Rotom...

But Snorflax brings it back down to critical.

Hydro Pump misses. Even if it had hit, it wouldn't have KOed my tree bear.

But with 100 accuracy, Seed Bomb doesn't miss, and it does KO the Rotom.

Hippowdon comes out next and it barely hangs on after a single Seed Bomb.

Whirlwind tries to fuck me over by dragging out Generator. However, our magnet UFO doesn't care and just blasts Hippowdown back into the sand where it belongs.

Excadrill is pretty dangerous, so we'll heal Snorflax back to full.

Holy shit.

It gets to take out 90% of Snorflax's HP, putting us back where we began.

Seed Bomb hurts it, though.

Finally after tearing through I don't know how many members of Eduard's team, Snorflax is finally taken out.

Sure, whatever.

Probably would have been better served to do literally anything else though.

Aegislash protects itself and...

Actually triggers a stat drop that Defiant doesn't counter.

I don't know why I expected Stone Fist to do more than that.

Centaurion gets KOed.

Aegislash tries to do some damage but...

Earthquake is such a lovely move.

Halfway through the Elite Four is a good stopping point for now. Doing all four and the champion in the same update would leave us at about 330 images and way over the forums message length cap.

NEXT TIME: More Elite Four!