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Part 51: Championship

Hello everyone and welcome back! The second half of the Elite Four and the Champion awaits, so let's not waste any time!

destructive hail.

Ice cold!

Yuki, as you might have guessed, runs a Hail team. It's also only mentioned in a postgame place, but she's also trans. Nobody in the game says anything shitty about it either. That's pretty cool and surprisingly progressive for a pokemon fangame.

She's also arguably the hardest member of the Elite Four for me because of my lack of fire moves.

Mamoswine has Icicle Crash and one shots Centaurion right out the gate with it.

It tries to repeat the performance on Snorflax, but doesn't get as far.

So let's bait out a Full Restore or two.

Thank god for Thick Fat, because otherwise Snorflax would be down and out.


I'm not gonna spam items like I did in the Nyx fight, but I'm going to use several here.

Both sides heal up...

Sure it gives impressive results, but that 10% miss chance sucks.

If we can bait out the second Full Restore, great. If not, then we'll win slowly.

There's no way Mamoswine ran out of Icicle Crash PP.

Now she's wasted all her healing items trying to keep the angry mammoth going.

Snorflax hammers it with more seed bombs.

Delta Trevenant swaps in for Mamoswine and brings the hail.

Sacred Sword doesn't hurt very much.

No more healing your dudes now Yuki!

Snorflax brings it down to critical, and it's got a toxic timer running don't forget!

Snorflax heals herself with Synthesis.

Mamoswine is back on its Icicle Crash bullshit.

But Snorflax takes it out finally.

Cryogonal is Yuki's mega.

Sleet causes hail to deal 20% HP per turn it's active.

Hidden Power: Fire means Generator is gonna have a bad time.

So let's neuter its damage output. Generator's Light Clay means we've got 8 turns of blissful reduced special attack damage.

Freeze Dry barely tickles Generator.

Flash Cannon, on the other hand, takes a huge chunk out of Cryogonal's HP.

Sleet takes Generator down to critical, so we'll just perk him right back up.

Blizzard deals a whole 31 damage.

She's trying her best here, but ice doesn't do much to steel.

Cryogonal finally goes down, and the sleet dies down with it.

Generator's Light Screen is still in effect, so Aragog shouldn't be hurt too badly by this thing's fire side.


But on the other hand, Chandelure is down and out with a single Earthquake.

There's not much this Starmie can do to Generator.

It tries to Scald it...

Generator one shots it with Thunderbolt in retaliation.

Flamenco throws a sludge bomb at the Trevenant and puts it out of its misery.

Generator vs Ice Box Rotom.

Rotom can't lie down and just accept defeat with grace, and instead draws this out.

Light Screen finally fades too. That Light Clay is powerful stuff!

I heal Generator back to full.


It tries to use Blizzard but that's a no-go.

On reflection, I should have just sent out Aragog and used Earthquake to end this farce.

Rotom tries to thunderbolt Generator again.

And Generator finally knocks out.

God I hate weather teams. They're such a pain in the ass to fight.

I try to keep updates around 120 images. The last one was in the 130 range. The previous screenshot I posted was #70 in this update alone. That fight took 8 freaking minutes because Yuki had to draw everything out as much as possible.

This is the aforementioned London. Way back in the library update, we saw a book of his.

No points for guessing his gimmick.


Want me to walk out and come back in? We can pretend that first take didn't happen.

Mega Reuniclus causes Trick Room to take effect when it appears on the field.

But at the end of the day, it's still a psychic type.

Aragog barely feels its Shadow Ball.

And a single X-Scissor leaves it in critical HP.

Shadow Claw doesn't hurt it nearly as badly.

But two are still enough to KO it.

Aragog shrugs off Mach Punch.

That moment when your HP drops to critical and you start hoping that it stops.

Conkeldurr is surprisingly hardy.

No reason to let Aragog get KOed yet, though.

I don't know why I kept expecting Shadow Claw to perform miracles.

Especially against something that can keep slamming supereffective moves with a chance to completely disable Aragog.

The AI thought Mach Punch would do something as well, so I guess we're both not that smart.

So we'll buff and then heal Aragog back to full.

You know, when Conkeldurr was first coming out I thought about sending out Cirno to just hammer it with Psychic. We'd have been done already if I had.

I've made a lot of bad plays here. Not game-endingly terrible ones, but I keep not sending out the right pokemon for the job.

This Togekiss has Serene Grace, so I suspect it's a flinchakiss.

This probably wasn't the smartest move on reflection.

Dazzling Gleam barely does anything.

I love Flash Cannon.

The next turn is an exact repeat of the first, except Generator takes the Togekiss out.

Marowak comes out and gets sent straight back. Ice Beam KOed it in a single hit.

Bug Bite dealt barely any damage.

Neither did Bullet Punch.

But Centaurion has been buffing himself.

And Centaurion just undid most of the damage Scizor did.

Oh no, Toxic got disabled... whatever will I do?

And then London decides it's a great idea to use Trick Room.

It tries to burn Snorflax with Will-O-Wisp, but nope.

Yeah, thanks.

The Giratina statue in the main hall has moved, revealing a glowy blue thing.

If we step on it, we reveal the champion's room!


: Surprised to see me? I guess you would be. Why would I, Reukra, be the champion? I don't even batte, usually- I just send Taen to do my work.

: Deltas... Megas... Armors... Mewtwo... The entire fiasco with the Unova dragons... It's all futile. Nothing's worked so far. Everything was strong, but just not strong enough. You know what the worst part was? How ridiculous people find our goals to be. Anything can be beaten with a good type matchup, high stats, and appropriate moves.

: After all, a combination like Destiny Bond and Shadow Tag can take anything out easily. But a strategy that can take out a perfect pokemon can't take out an entire team. Having one powerful pokemon doesn't make you perfect. It can still be beaten.

: A team like that could have no weaknesses. It could be perfect.

How the fuck did you become champion without realizing that a well-rounded team can beat nearly anything?

: And now with that team... I am perfect. So bring it on, Amy. You want to be the Champion of the Torren Region? Be my guest, but you'll have to beat the person who's beaten the Elite Four before you with their perfect team!

This team is pretty much a who's who of all of Perfection's gimmicks from throughout the LP. Four of them are no problem, however. The two to worry about are Dark Mewtwo and Delta Volcarona. The former is an insanely fast sweeper, while the latter is armored, only has a single weakness, and its ability covers that weakness.

Delta Volcarona is why I insisted Fancy be a part of the team. Delta Volcarona is why I was so annoyed when Irrelephant couldn't hit Levitating pokemon. I've been planning my approach to this fight since before I even started this LP.

Armor Tyranitar is a speed bump. Centaurion one shots it with an unbuffed Drain Punch.

Dark Mewtwo comes out, and I bring out the big guns.

Aragog mega evolves...

At the time, I was praying that didn't freeze him solid.

X-Scissor is Bug type. Dark Mewtwo is Dark/Psychic and so is 4x weak to Bug. In my first run, Dark Mewtwo was one of two pokemon that I had to revive stall in this fight.

This is actually a misplay on my part. I meant to send out Cirno, but got mixed up.

Even though I sent the wrong guy out, I still take the time to lob sludge at Kyurem. May as well deal a little damage, right?

Flash Cannon nearly one shots Flamenco.

Not bad for a fatfingered send-out!

Never fear, Cirno is here.

She finishes the job that Flamenco started.

It uses Earthquake and... Yikes! Thank god for Sturdy!

Should have fried the Haxorus. Oh well!

Let's try that again.

Centaurion is easily the MVP of this team.

I'm surprised it took that long for him to break them out.

The second time, Drain Punch rolls higher and one shots Delta Haxorus.

So yeah, Generator's turn was entirely wasted.

Ice Beam nearly one shots Mega Flygon.

So Reukra heals it to full.

So this time Cirno freezes it solid.

I don't actually know how many healing items he has, but I can keep this up all day.

This poor Mega Flygon is having a really bad day.

Uh, sure, whatever.

Oh, naturally.

Sludge Wave takes Cirno down finally, but damn. She caused some damage to Reukra's dudes.

Alright Aragog, this is the whole reason you're on the team. Don't let me down!

BOOM! Delta Volcarona went down like a sack of potatoes.

And a rare chance to look at Mega Aragog's stats.

We... we did it. We beat Reukra.

: What a battle. Maybe... Maybe it seems like I have a little more to learn about all of this after all. We'll meet again, I'm sure of it. And my team will be better- and stronger.

: Sylvan. It's been a while.
: Congratulations, Amy. I can't believe it. Just recently you were in my lab... choosing your very first pokemon. And now you're the Champion of the Torren League. That's amazing. I'm so proud of you. Come, let's get you registered in the Hall of Fame.
: Sylvan. Thank you. For keeping my secret. For... everything.
: Sure, Reukra. I'd do it for anyone. I just wish I could have helped you more. Come on, Amy, let's go.

: This is where I record you and your team to be remembered as champions forever! But before I do... I have a message I should pass on to you.

: VICTINI. VICTINI. Can you believe that? What a cool pokemon. But yeah, he wanted to see you. He wouldn't say who he was, only that you'd know. But anyways, I digress.

beaten its league.

NEXT TIME: Let's not keep Vesryn waiting!