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Part 68: The Deep Cavern

Hello everyone and welcome back. Today's update isn't going to be very long, but it's monumentally important.

We're going down into the depths of Maelstrom 9, back to the old, abandoned Abyssal Cult base.

Nobody's been down here since Audrey got bodied out of the moon pool.

Hmm... could have sworn I looted this place. Oh well!

The base is now full of pools of water.

The teleporters still work, so it only takes a moment to find the right room.

This is just below where we fought and beat Audrey.

Though the moon pool has since flooded.

We need to dive down here.

In theory I suppose you could have come down here earlier, but I'm not sure what happens if you do. The event at the far back only triggers once Damian has called you after being cured.

This is the Deep Cavern. There are no wild encounters in here. There are a few items in here, including a couple of TMs and a Mega Stone.

Despite appearances, there aren't boulder mazes.

The cave itself is remarkably small, it only appears big because of the darkness.

Not being interrupted by a wild battle every 6 steps in a cave is weird.

Anyway, what this cave does have are water current puzzles. They're exactly like the Rocket Hideout tiles, except you're in a dark area and so you can't see everything at once in order to make an informed decision.

I used the wiki instead.

So these screenshots show how I got through here.

This isn't a great "puzzle" because it's just guessing completely blindly.

But that was the last water current.

The final cave is fully lit.

Oh, hey Damian!

Lugia and Kyogre are fighting...

Over Audrey!


Amy, it's injured! That attack from Kyogre... it wasn't normal. It must be holding an item of some sort that boosts its strength.
Damian! Is that you?
Audr... mom. Yeah, it's me. The Deoxys thing is gone. I thought that you... you...

Can you help me out, please?! While Kyogre is busy distracted with Lugia? I'm in over my head here. I just want to get out.
This isn't over. We're going to have a VERY serious talk. About everything.

We got this shit no problem.

Hopefully, the legendary pokemon won't notice. I'll rush back down as quickly as I can, and we can take on Kyogre, together.

This should be no... hoooly shit. That Kyogre is higher level than even Cirno.

Lugia is here to help us against Kyogre.

First, let's clear the chaff.


Lugia is supposed to Thunder Wave the Kyogre. Instead it decided to use, I assume, Sky Attack.

Two Thunderbolts gets Kyogre down to critical, and paralyzes it.

That's two now.

Five Ancient balls later...

Lugia fucks back off to the Whirl Islands. Do you remember, way the fuck back, where we fought Audrey the first time? Well, it can be found up a waterfall at the far back end of that chamber.

That same chamber where we fought Audrey is also home to Delta Gardevoirite and Delta Galladeite. You can get them with Tesseract. I say this because I'm not going back to the Whirl Islands for neither love nor money.

How is it that you ALWAYS end up battling the legendaries? Yeesh. Almost like you're more important than everyone else. I guess you're the Augur now, so fair enough. It seems the storms and stuff have stopped on the surface, so the problem seems to be dealt with.

Me too, Damian. Me too.

I'm really not happy with her but... I don't want her gone, you know? Just... I know it's going to be hard. Anyways, I really appreciate it. Hopefully you were able to get something out of the trip.

Damian, the trip was worth it because you're Amy's best friend. That alone made the trip worthwhile.

This is back in the first dark chamber. There's no way to know this is here, but...

I hate that Mega Crawdaunt is such a late acquisition. Audrey really put hers to good use, and it seems really strong. But I don't think you can get down here until Damian calls you.

Anyway, that's the end of the update. But that's awfully short, right? So let's set up the next one while we're here.

Down into the Black Market we go...

Reukra seems to be gone...

Gone to have one last chance. The entrance seems to be in Amphitrite City. -R

Reukra is off to the Void Gauntlet. He wouldn't be going to the Home of the Timeless, and anything else connected to Amphitrite City is too mundane for his notice.

Nothing good can come of his snooping around in the liminal space between this world and the Antimatter World.

This is the last time we'll ever have to come back to the Crystal Caves. So I'll point this out while we're here.

We don't catch it. Not for lack of trying, mind. It just doesn't want to say in any balls I throw at it.

But if you're going for pokedex completion, it's good to know where Diancie is.

That's... not good.

And that's the end of this update.

  1. Defeat the Timeless
  2. Explore the Holon Region
  3. The Original Dragon
  4. Missingno
  5. Relic Song
  6. The Magma Stone
  7. Cured Damian
  8. The Parcel
  9. Rescued Audrey
  10. The Finale

NEXT TIME: The Pokemon Inusurgence postgame story finale. Don't miss it!