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Part 69: The Throne of the Hegemon

Hello everyone and welcome back and... is that Dawn?

He's become too powerful... I couldn't take him down.

We're hot on the trail of Reukra, and it looks like he's been tearing through The Timeless.

I'm gonna be cutting out a lot of the trip, because it's still the same terrain from the 47th update.


The screen flashes and shakes.

That's probably not good.

Anyway, it's a Salamence against Cirno. Just guess how this goes.

There's a couple AZURE FLUTE EMERGENCY DEFENSE SYSTEM trainers that pop up. My guess is that they're meant to stop someone from using it and Amy is accidentally helping Reukra while trying to stop him.

I'd say you could make an educated guess about what's going on, but the game all but spells it out for you. Reukra has the Azure Flute and is using it.

Farther in we find Suzerain.

The Flute he has... the power it gives him is unreal...

A few areas later, Steven is hanging out.

I've been hearing that flute echo through the caverns for hours. What is he playing? What could such a powerful artifact do?

In the Pokemon Village, we can use our flying carpet to get a new item.

Mega Chatot has the Amplifier (Sound-based moves deal 1.5x damage) ability, and 147 base SpAtk. It's still Normal/Flying, but... damn. That's one hell of a combination.

The Unknown Dungeon is the area right after Pokemon Village.

Again, this goes like you imagine it would.

Pokemon Tower, floor 2.

A Gothitelle, really?

It mega evolves, but...

My team is extremely badass at this point.

Moltres is behind that Relic Song wall. I don't even bother going to look at it. I didn't catch either of its buddies, and we've got more important things to worry about at the moment.

Cynthia is just past the wall.

He tore through me and my team. If you fight him... this might be your toughest challenge yet, Amy.

The Giant Chasm is so deep in the Void Gauntlet that I had completely forgotten about this rock climb wall.

Uh... thanks. We can't get Kyurem in the version that the LP is playing on. It was supposed to spawn on Victory Road after we defeated Taen, but due to a bug it doesn't. There's a patch on the Insurgence Discord to fix it, but that same patch also breaks Delta Ditto's ability to breed with Delta Species.

The Hall of Legends, where we're currently at, is right next to where we fought Nyx.

Two legendaries at once are waking up.

Naturally it's the Diamond and Peal cover legendaries.

Cirno one shots Palkia...

Dialga one shots Cirno...

And then Mega Aragog one shots Dialga!

I also have a large stockpile of rare candies just because I found a bunch across the game. So I raise everyone to Aragog's level.

While we're here, because we're never coming back...

Let's go kick Reukra's ass up and down the block.

Oh, look who it is. I shouldn't be surprised you showed up.

By the way, this scene is laggy as fuck thanks to the gigantic particle effect above Reukra.

You have a knack for always appearing when exciting things are happening. I'm going for broke, Amy. This is probably the most extreme thing I've ever done.

I don't know how Taen stumbled across such an incredible artifact, but I'm thankful he didn't know how to use it. Could you imagine the disaster the world would be with Arceus under his control? But me, on the other hand...

From the original dragon, to Mewtwo, to Delta Species, to armors... They've all fallen short. Nothing was as perfect as I needed it to be.

Let's be honest here, the Original Dragon was all Taen, and the dude is incompetent as hell.

The legends say Arceus created the universe. The strongest pokemon of all time. I was going to leave Torren forever, but the opportunity to see Arceus outweighs anything else. As I'm sure you know, the domain of a legendary pokemon is tied to its artifact.

So apparently the Whirl Islands we explored much earlier in the LP are just straight up the Johto Whirl Islands.

All I had to do was play the flute. I sounded terrible- I'm no musician- but it seems to have done the trick. Finally, after many years, Arceus is awakening. Bwahahahahahahaha! I'll be unstoppable! Undefeatable!

It's kinda my job.

Kid, I don't think you get it. Do you really think that if you win, I'll just leave? No. I refuse to be stopped. I'll crush you, and together with the strongest pokemon of all, show the world exactly what true perfection is!

Reukra is much the same as he was in the championship fight. The only thing to watch out for is Delta Goodra, otherwise, it's just a straight up duel.

So let's get some appropriate music...

Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad (Final Tier)

Armored Tyranitar vs ScubaSteve!

Sadly Centaurion isn't here to put down pretenders, so Steve will have to do instead.

You sent out your Bisharp, mega evolved it, and then used a Max Revive? Why? For that matter how!?

Steve, by the way, one shot it.

Tyranitar comes back out and...

Down it goes once again. This time for good.

This really isn't a good pick, but for some reason my team doesn't have a grass move.

Yiiikes. Goodra dealt half of Glory's health through Multiscale.

So I think a single buff was enough.

This poor Noivern is about to enter a world of pain.

Cirno took a little under half her health in damage, and in return the Noivern took a 4x hit from her Ice Beam.

And at 110, she's far from the strongest thing on my team.

Dark Mewtwo vs Aragog, round 2!

The only reason Aragog survived was because he mega evolved.

Dark Mewtwo should have hit a little harder.

Delta Volcarona vs Aragog, round 2!

It actually survives the hit this time, and then takes out Aragog with Giga Drain.

Ramses is here to pick up the slack!

Reukra just delayed our victory by a single turn.

Because Gale Wings is a wonderful ability.

No matter. Arceus is nearly awake. This is it. This is the moment I've waited my entire life for.

Arceus Battle

The perfect pokemon. I have one Master Ball left. You're mine.

Either he missed or Arceus just no-sold that Master Ball.

And then it flung him aside like he was a pair of old socks.

Oh hell...

Primal Arceus is Normal/Dragon type, and its ability is Ancient Presence. According to the wiki, it... "User moves ignore most weaknesses, resistances and immunities."


All moves used will not deal "Not very effective" damage, or deal less than 1x damage via Pokemon type resistance. This ability also allows some moves that otherwise wouldn't hit a Pokemon due to having a type immunity to hit for full damage. Though, this comes at the downside of doing normal damage when otherwise the user would have done double or quadruple damage from "Super effective" damage.

Oh and its stats jump up to 820BST.

In short... fuck that.

Welp, now I'm completely out of Master Balls. And the game doesn't give you more than 3 unless you abuse the Sonata City Races.

Absolutely unbelievable. Somehow you're always able to scam your way into the most ridiculous victories. And somehow you're even able to beat perfection. True perfection. Even the pokemon who was said to have created the universe kneels to you.

I can deal with grown-ups. They scare easily! But somehow, children and their pokemon always seem to beat trained adults. Maybe I'll visit Kanto. I'm sure that never happens there. No way any mobster loses to some nerdy kid there.

The way things are going, probably another kid. If I were you? I'd go check it out. I heard some Champion-level strength kid from Vesryn was visiting. The way this region is going, they'll probably end up being the Champion for your rematches.

Taen was a terrible assistant. But if you ever want to make some money on the side, let me know, hmm?

And that's all five cults permanently dismantled! We've finished the postgame story for Pokemon Insurgence!

I don't have anything else recorded. This LP is technically complete now. So instead I'm going to take reasonable requests for the final update(s).

First off...

  1. Defeat the Timeless
  2. Explore the Holon Region
  3. The Original Dragon
  4. Missingno
  5. Relic Song
  6. The Magma Stone
  7. Cured Damian
  8. The Parcel
  9. Rescued Audrey
  10. Subjugated Arceus

All postgame sidequests complete!

So, here's a list of things I can possibly show off...

And if we defeat the Elite Four a second time, seven more legendaries become available to capture, plus the devs can then be challenged. I don't particularly want to re-challenge the Elite Four, but I am willing to.

So thread, what's it gonna be?