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Part 71: Elite Four Rematch

Hello everyone and welcome back. Today we're going to tackle the Elite Four rematch in a single shot. But before we do, I want to show this off because it's kinda neat. If I may direct your attention to the bottom right corner of the screenshot, you might notice that we have RHYDON in the party.

We're going to pull a little magic trick.

By which I mean we're going to wonder trade our Mew.

Online features for this barely work. Wonder trade, I suspect, probably does. But there is a hardcoded exception for trying to wonder trade your Mew.

If you try to wonder trade your Mew, it becomes ~*~Space Mew~*~

It's just a cosmetic change, but it's also cute as hell.

EDIT: In honor of RHYDON becoming a space cadet, EclecticTastes has gifted the thread with a little song

EclecticTastes posted:

I have a little going-away gift for this very nice thread about a surprisingly charming little fangame. See, there's one person I'd never under any circumstance invoke for that other game. But I think Insurgence has earned it.

Wonder Trade to Major Mew
Wonder Trade to Major Mew
Be prepared to get sent to someone new

Wonder Trade to Major Mew
Contacting server, wait a few
Check connection and Arceus be with you

This is Wonder Trade to Major Mew
You've really made the grade
Though you never had a place in DN's team
Now it's time to send your data through a beam

"This is Major Mew to Wonder Trade
I'm exiting my ball
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
Cyberspace looks very different today

For here
I am sat in a Poke Ball
Deep in a PC
I am just a Mew, and there's nothing I can do

Though I'm beamed halfway across the globe
I'm feeling very still
And I think this packet knows which way to go
Tell Amy I love her very much" She knows

Wonder Trade to Major Mew
The trade's timed out, there's something wrong
Can you hear me, Major Mew?
Can you hear me, Major Mew?
Can you hear me, Major Mew?
Can you "Here, I just found this real cool space suit
I'm back in the box
I am just a Mew, and there's nothing I can't do..."

Anyway, with that out of the way, today's update is just five quick boss fights.


92, going on 93 hours. 209 captured, 630 seen... I'm suddenly really glad I chose not to go for pokedex completion.

The elite four rooms look much the same, so let's just skip forward to Kayla. We'll be doing the same order as last time. because that's the order they're listed on the wiki

'sup, nerd. Yeah, you. I remember you. It's me, Kayla. I specialize in hard work and harmony. Let's just get going. I'm sure you're as anxious for a rematch as I am!

The usual caveats about the Torren Elite Four apply. Namely that they scale to the highest level in your party. Kayla is still a Baton Pass team, except her AI has somehow gotten dumber in the intervening time since our last encounter.

This Smeargle has a focus sash, so we can't one hit KO it.

So many battles in this LP would have gone much differently if we'd had Ramses from the start. Priority STAB item-less acrobatics is such a beautiful thing.

Ramses is now asleep. So allow me to conclusively prove that the AI in this game reads your inputs. Observe!

I use a Full Restore to heal Ramses of his sleepiness.

The only way this could have happened is if the AI knew I had awakened Ramses. If Kayla had healed her Smeargle, as you might expect, Ramses would have one hit KOed it. If she had used Quiver Dance like she's supposed to, Ramses would have KOed it. So instead it cheated.





On the sixteenth turn, the Smeargle didn't even bother to act. Also all those stat gains were from Moody. If Kayla had just baton passed, we might have actually had a proper battle on our hands. Instead...

Now that the preamble is over, let's just put an end to this farce.

Ramses was bult to sweep teams, and sweep he shall!

I don't even need to show you all what move he used, because there's only one move he uses.

Ramses is ripping through Kayla's team with zero effort.

The coward espeon is up!

Surprisingly, Ramses didn't one hit KO it. He would have if I had bothered to buff his attack, but

Kayla keeps trying to set up her baton pass gimmick. But there's a slight problem...

Her Mega comes out...

And surprisingly, it resists Ramses' attempt at knocking it out.

A second time...

Mega Slowbro burns Ramses with its scald.

Kayla finally brings down Ramses after he dealt that much damage to her team. Don't fuck with Pharaoh Blaziken, y'all.

And just to rub salt in the wound, I sent out Kami to Judge Mega Slowbro.

Yeah, astounding...

With your level of talent, I'm sure you could take on the entire Elite Four, and maybe even the Champion!! Good luck!

Well, well, well! Now... what do we got here? Amy! It's good to see ya again. A challenger! We haven't had one of those in a while, no sir. Remember me? It's Eduard! Sand... It's coarse, and it gets everywhere, but I love it all the same. Let's get going. You're going to get shut down so hard you won't even know what hit you.

His team gets bonuses from being in a sandstorm. But I'm pretty sure it's the same team as last time, just with boosted levels.

Cirno starts things off with a pretty chunky hit.

Hippowdon retaliates.

Eduard decides on the second turn that he should save his sand setter for later and sends out...

Garchomp. Right into Cirno's waiting ice beam. Being part fairy and ice, she eats Garchomps for breakfast.

I'm sure if it had been allowed to move, it would have hurt.

Either Charsi or Aragog were great choices here.

Both combatants mega evolve...

Aragog shrugs off a seed bomb and then nukes the Mega Cacturne right in its 4x bug weakness.

It's kind of a no-win scenario with Aegislash when the AI reads your inputs. If you attack, then it'll use King's Shield to avoid all damage. If you buff up your attack, it'll attack instead.

As such. At least it wasn't a skill that made contact, letting Aragog avoid stat debuffs.

Hippowdon suddenly comes back out and...

Eats the earthquake intended for Aegislash.

And now it's going to King's Shield again, so this is a lost turn.

At the time I wasn't thinking about that and was playing on pure instinct.

The next turn, Aragog finally lands a hit on Aegislash.

I mentioned it way back, but in extremely high level play like this, it's a game of Alpha Strikes. It's part of the reason why I haven't wasted turns using stat boosts, because despite how easy I'm making these fights look, they will fuck your shit up in short order if you let up off the pressure.

Aegislash finally goes down on the next turn.

May as well go out with a bang!

God I love this Demon Spider!

Hahaha. Excadrill didn't get its speed boost because of Aegislash's delaying tactics.

And that's all six!

Best of luck... you'll definitely need it.

Onto the second half of these jerks.

Yuki is up next!

You've returned. It's so very good to meet you once more. As you know, I am Yuki. I subsist on the beauty and grace of the silent snowfall. The slow snowfall gives a... tranquil feeling, does it not? I've been training for years with my pokemon. I'd wish you luck... but I don't want to waste my breath. It's snowing on Mt. Fuji.

Yuki still has the same hail team as before. There's not much to say here.

I tried to use a non Acrobatics move with Ramses.

To his credit, he made that shit hurt.

But for his follow-up, he just did what he should have to start with. I'm also surprised that Mamoswine didn't use Icicle Crash.

Cirno is a pretty good pick against Yuki's team. She has a pretty high SpDef stat, and is part ice. Also her ability only lets her take damage from direct attacks. If she could learn Flamethrower, she could probably sweep the whole team while laughing about it.

Starmie tried to scald Cirno. She shocked the shit out of it instead.

Cryogonal is swapped into a thunderbolt, but doesn't really feel it.

Cirno, meanwhile, no sells Mega Cryogonal's 20%-HP-per-turn sleet.

Yuki's AI has no idea what to do when your pokemon can also no sell her 100% accuracy blizzards. Cirno barely feels that shit.

Cirno's Moonblasts deal much more damage than anything Cryogonal can throw at her.

Yuki tries to use Freeze Dry, but she's just not quite getting that Cirno is part ice type. Ironically if she had it use its last move, Hidden Power Fire, Cirno would be hurting quite a bit. Instead her AI is laser focused on "USE ACCURATE BLIZZARDS"

Cirno brings Cryogonal down to critical with another Moonblast.

Then it finally goes down with the third Moonblast. Cirno is looking worse for the wear after all those blizzards, but she'll be fine.

I kinda wish that I had kept Steve on the team. You'll see why later, but for the moment he's a much better choice against Chandelure than Aragog is.

Aragog transforms...

Weakness to fire sucks.

Once more, with feeling!

My dumb ass kept forgetting that Primal Kami can't hit supereffective.

Thankfully it's at this point that I remember.

Once Kami comes out, the battle is pretty much over.

It keeps eating hits from stuff that's faster, but then it just blasts them with its Judgment.

Fairly solid work all around for Kami.

Raven Fridge Rotom takes advantage of the hail to nail Kami with a perfect accuracy blizzard.

And here comes Charsi to neuter that shit.

This went a lot better this time. Though Yuki was still a pretty big stumbling block. Her team is oddly harder than everyone else's.

I'm sure you can easily handle the rest of the Elite Four. I wish you the best of luck, Amy.

Ah, London. Talk to me, my man!

Ah, so you've returned. I can see you more deeply than you could possibly know. You haven't just returned to confront me- but also your destiny itself. And- ... ... ...For crying out loud, how does every speech I write, end up that pretentious? Anyways, welcome back, Amy. Are you ready for your rematch? I've done nothing but train since I saw you last! Let's get this show on the road! My Trick Room team will stop you in your tracks!

London's team is pretty mean, but after Yuki, he's a nice way to catch your breath in preparation for the champion. As before, Mega Reuniclus is gonna set up Trick Room.

Aragog takes a small hit and then punches out Mega Fetus with X-Scissor.

Oh man, I feel bad for London.

Supereffective Acrobatics from Ramses. Ouch.

Cirno just ate dirt in a single hit from that Marowak.

So let's bring out the "trump card," Nessie.

She eats a Stone Edge, but sets up Sunny Day.

And... and... that's... awful low...

Not realizing what's happened, I set up Toxic...

Nessie eats an earthquake and...

Recovers 33 HP. That's approximately 1/16th of 468 HP. Uh oh. We have a huge problem.

Thankfully Nessie is still a special attacker that's nearly as strong as Cirno. It's just that her Phototroph ability doesn't work. I don't know if it's because she's holding leftovers or if the ability is bugged or what, but ultimately it doesn't matter. The problem is that without her gimmick, she's basically dead weight on the team and took a spot from Steve, who actually deserved it and could put in actual work.

The next match is Charsi against a Scizor. Bug/Steel vs Fire/Steel. Go on and guess how that goes.

All the stat boosts in the world don't matter if you get one shot on your first turn.

Aragog hits Jellicent's ghost weakness with Shadow Claw and gets disabled for his efforts.

Jellicent dares Aragog to bring it.

So he does.

I don't really have a good answer to Togekiss. Charsi is the closest thing because of its steel weakness, but...

I first try hitting its flying type with a rock attack. That seems okay, but Charsi gets paralyzed.

I should have hammered Charsi with a Full Restore.

But because this is a flinchakiss...

Down goes Charsi.

Ramses comes out to avenge Charsi.

Its Dazzling Gleam retaliation really fucking hurts. Ramses almost goes down in a single hit.

But almost is not enough, and priority Acrobatics continues to win the day.

The doors to our Champion should open to you, now. Best of luck. I have a feeling you're going to need it, good as you are.

The Champion doors open...

There's two of them?

Uh, hi. I guess you're wondering who we are. I'm Graham.
I'm Tobias.
We're brothers. Twins, despite the size difference. There was some weird time stuff going on in Vesryn. We were in the Pokemon League members from there.

No, really. It actually says that.

I'm a Gym Leader, he was an Elite Four member.
We were invited over after your previous Champion left, and you know what that means.
If you wanna beat the League again, you're gonna have to take on both of us at once.So do you think you can handle it? I'm a master of Dark-type pokemon, and my brother excels in Ghost-types.
Together, we're completely undefeatable.
Let's not waste any time.

Tobias and Graham are a double battle. However, there's a small bug. A slight glitch. Do you see those levels?

The Champion refight doesn't scale for some reason. So instead of an actual fight, this turns into a victory lap.

Ramses smacks the Gengar for most of its HP.

Spiritomb sucker punches Ramses and knocks him clean out.

Gengar tries to Shadow Ball Cirno and then goes down from recoil.

Cirno finally hits the Spiritomb for most of its HP with a particularly nasty Moonblast.

Just for laughs, I send Kami out to replace Ramses.

Tobias pulls his Spiritomb back and sends out...

His Protean Greninja.

Kami casts its judging eyes on Aegislash and deems it unworthy.

Cirno takes out the Greninja before it can make mischief.

The Aegislash doesn't like that and knocks her out.

Is it mean to have a mega evolution fighting side by side with a primal reversion? Yeah, probably. Is it fun? You bet your ass it is.

Kami brings down its wrath on the Aegislash for knocking out its christmas buddy.

Then, being mindful that a wrathful god probably wouldn't enjoy being hit with friendly fire from an earthquake, Aragog hammers Spiritomb's ghost weakness.

And so things get a lot more interesting.


And Delta Milotic both mega evolve.

Mega Shiftry sucker punches Kami, who doesn't think that was such a wise move.

Aragog repeats its Shadow Claw performance in Mega Delta Milotic.

Kami finishes judging Shiftry while...

Aragog clenches the championship for Amy a second time!

Both speakers are guys, so I have no idea who this is.

It seems as if- Wait, what the...

Hahaha. Sylvan suddenly feels old

Hello Professor.
Congratulations, Amy, as usual. It seems like you're the Champion. Just recently you were in my lab... choosing your very first pokemon. And now you're the Champion of the Torren League. That's amazing. I'm so proud of you.

Seeya shitlords!

This is where I record you and your team to be remembered as champions forever! Congratulations, Amy. You've done so much for this region, and now you've beaten its league. You deserve it.

That's all for this update, and almost all there is for the LP.

NEXT TIME: Join me for the very last update of Pokemon Insurgence.