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Part 72: The End

If you are interested in stories with happy endings, then you would be better off somewhere else. In this story not only is there no happy ending, but there was no happy beginning, and very few happy things in between.

My name is DoubleNegative and it is my solemn duty to bring to light the sorry ending of Pokemon Insurgence. But you reading this have no such obligation and I would advise all of you to hit the back button and read something much more pleasant instead.

All dumb quotes aside, I would strongly urge everyone reading to consider the LP story over as of the previous update. Let this ending stand in the same light as the Harry Potter epilogue.

Let's start this update off by doing another Legendary roundup. I don't even bother trying to catch these, as a warning.

Once we beat the Elite Four rematch, some sky portals open up while soaring. This particular one is south of Route 15. You can see Genesect's prison next to that Pelipper.

This particular portal leads us to a meadow where Xerneas is hanging out and minding its own business. We'll just leave it alone.

The other sky portal is found next to Deyraan Town. You can see the Mt. Rose Caldera in the background.

This portal leads us to a very high cliff.

Yveltal can be found here. Like with Eikthyrnir before, I don't really want to try and capture Hraesvelgr, so we'll just leave it alone to continue mourning the loss of Saint Shiva.

For the very last time, we're off to Holon. A new legendary has appeared here.

A new sky portal has opened up above the Gaea Core.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you...

The last Delta in the game.

Delta Hoopa is pure Flying type. Its only ability is Cloud Nine.

As with regular Hoopa, you can show it to the dude in Amphitrite City to get the Cloud Bottle to get its unleashed form. It seems like it's pretty good, but because it only becomes available at the actual end of the postgame, it's kinda like Mewtwo in RBY. It's a bragging rights prize only.

That's the last pokemon I'll be catching in this LP! It was only fitting that it be the last Delta type too.

While I was in Suntouched City, I randomly decided to look at Jaern's statue. I appreciate that the graffitied version is actually added after he is disgraced.

Let's drop by Dev Island next.

Suzerain is here to greet us.

If you'd like, you can have a chance to battle against some of the main developers and testers that made this game possible. A fair warning though- these battles are intended for postgame and are very, very difficult.

Please, don't come fight us until you're ready!

This is DankRabbit. He's listed on the main Insurgence page as an artist.

He has his own Gateau. Shell Smash + Simple is a nasty combination.

This is MrSinger, the man behind the music.

I don't even know where to begin with this, but I do know that I don't want any of whatever it is.

1ofthe4rocketbros is the wiki admin.

Armored Delta Volcarona, Primal Arceus, Defense Deoxys... fuckin yikes.

LunarDusk is another artist. His picture on the Insurgence main site has him with a tiny Delta Noibat on his shoulder, so that was probably his baby.

So many of the pokemon we used have shown up on these guys' teams for a reason. His Delta Arcanine is basically Glory, just replacing Return with Earthquake.

DemonKnight is listed as an Alpha Tester on the website.

Some of these teams I'm just looking at and saying "fuck" out loud because... well, fuck.

Zero_Breaker is another artist.

He leads with a Speed Boost Scolipede with Focus Sash! Oh and it can just Baton Pass on the next turn to give the next one in line a leg up.

Sleepymon12 is the other Alpha Tester on the dev team.

I love the Delta Maractus with four Metronomes on its move list.

Dekuhoofd is the "Online Developer" which means that the game's calling home and online features all work because of him. Also his battle sprite is wielding a banahmmer.

Oh, no biggie. He only leads with a fucking Primal Groudon, and then also has a Gale Wings Talonflame and a Flinchakiss just for flavor.

EchoTheThird is the lead artist on Pokemon Insurgence.

They also managed to find a way to make Delta Golem work out.

In order to enter the tower, we have to beat these first nine devs. Once we do, we get the right to challenge Suzerain, the lead developer.

At first glance this team doesn't look nearly as bad. Then you start to notice all the mean little tricks in it. Like Hex and Toxic on a Gengar. Or Focus Energy and a Scope Lens on the Kingdra.

So that's all well and good, but what's the prize for taking on the ultimate challenge in this game?

I've mentioned it several times before, but here it is again. The chance to fight the Lake Spirit Trio. It's a shitty prize, to be honest.

But say for the sake of argument that you do it. That you manage to beat the devs and catch the trio. Say that against all odds you manage to get 920/921 Pokedex completion. If you do so, then this gateway will be open

The RPG Maker map files suggest that there's an abandoned research station inside the gateway.

The plaque on the wall has some text...

There's a notice on the wall. It mentions someone named Amy.

The second floor has some lore and stuff.

The Spire

The SPIRETECH Spire is an underground lab by scientists so their research wouldn't be impeded by the tyrannical rule of Jaern. This particular segment of the lab is focused on astrophysics and monitoring radioactive signals from space. More data will be stored elsewhere in the lab.

The Readings

Recently, our sensors have been picking up consistent and looping radioactive emissions from a point very far away in our solar system. Research is currently being done to find out its location. However, the precision in which the message is looping as well it's emittance location points to it being of sentient origin.

There's also a few scattered consumables, but nothing really worth mentioning.

The third floor continues with the lore books.

Analysis of the Signals

After analyzing the signals we received, they seem to be intelligent in origin. Top cryptoanalyzers have decoded the messages are expressions of peace and trade. It also includes blueprints for a transportation machine and coordinates to what we assume are the broadcast location.

The Project

Recent research using some of the First Augur's Hoopa's DNA has allowed us to make a major breakthrough in portal technology. The signals may be coming from an unidentified object in the Oort cloud just beyond the semimajor axis of Pluto. Portal construction is already underway.

The Results

We were wrong. Project is terminated. Signals are MALEVOLENT. SHUT IT DOWN. Begin wiping of data immediately. Anyb- (The text ends here.)

The fourth floor has the portal room on the left, and more lore over on the right.

The Password

This is a super secret document and should be destroyed immediately. Do NOT just store it on a bookshelf where somebody can read it! The password for the portal device is "chandrasekhar". Do NOT activate it! What we found out there MUST stay out there!

Successfully activating the portal leads us to...

There's absolutely nothing out there but...

This cute little thing. This is UFI. It's Psychic/Electric type. Its ability is Event Horizon (Any Pokemon that contacts this one can't escape). It's basically Arena Trap but only if you make contact.

Its pokedex entry is: An unidentified infantile Pokemon, from beyond the visible universe. It has taken up residence in the Oort Cloud.

Its stats are 100 across the board, with 600BST.

Nanorepair heals for 50% and then raises defense by 1 stage. The heal is apparently currently bugged and does not work.

Now that we've got all that stuff out of the way, let's start winding things down. We're heading to Gaea Town first.

Hey, Amy. It's good to see you again. Listen... it's been one heck of a ride, huh? I heard you beat the Elite Four- for the second time! That's amazing. Congratulations!

I don't want to be confined to this region. I'm not happy here. I want to go challenge leagues. I want to go join Contests. I want to go to Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, and even Alola!

That's why I'll be starting over. From scratch. A new team, a new goal, a new purpose. A fresh start! I was going to release all my pokemon before I left, but... Well, I don't think I should release all of them.

Celebi and I are destined to be together, after all! I don't think Celebi would be happy to be caught and used by anyone. That's why, if you'll permit it, I'd like Celebi to travel with you, Amy. Will you do it? Will you let Celebi join you on your adventure?

There's only one nickname that you could give this Celebi.

And now it's time for me to be off, I guess. Hopefully I'll see you again. If you ever decide to leave Torren, let me know! I'll be glad to show you around wherever the winding road leads me.

After Nora, there's still one more person to say our farewells to...

Back into the Dream Realm one last time.

With the Elite Four rematch beaten, we can go catch Deoxys way over in the Nightmare Badlands. It's behind that relic song wall I pointed out several updates back. We're not here for that.

We're here to talk to Damian.

Amy. I... I don't really know what to talk to you about anymore. Everything's changed between us, y'know? I guess I'll get right to it, then. Your father is amazing. He's been helping me a lot, helping me figure out what's real, what actually happened.

living, y'know?

There are a lot of weird ethics dillemmas with a world in your head but... I really like it here. I want to help your father and the people living here. I think that's what I've always wanted to do. That's why I got taken in so easily.

I just want to move on. And to do that, I need to let go of the one thing that's kept me full of pride and, well, cockiness ever since I met them.

And, Amy, it would really mean a lot if... Well, if you were the one to take Shaymin off my hands.

It hatched from an egg I was trying to hatch. It's weird, I thought Deltas couldn't hatch from eggs? There must be something in the Day-Care that's causing it...

This means the world to me. Please, stay in touch. I'll be right here. Y'know. Inside your, uh, head.

As a final bug, Damian straight up doesn't give you the last starter egg. There's no fix for it, either. We just don't get to have a Ninja Squirtle.

And so... Pokemon Insurgence ends on a major downer. One of Amy's best friends has decided it would be better to be literally anywhere else, and so she has left the Torren Region altogether, never to return. The other has effectively done the same by leaving this plane of existence, finding it preferable to live in the dream world.

Finally on top of the world, Amy wound up no better than Red in the end... completely alone except for her pokemon.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I'm sorry this had to end in such a fashion, but we all knew that a "dark and mature" game could never end any other way but in tragedy.