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Part 73: Memory Editing For Fun and Profit

After my little progress report after the last recording session, you all overwhelmingly told me to just cheat in some rare candies to avoid the grind. So why not go all educational about this?

First allow me to pull back the curtain...

TIMG'd to show you what we're working with. Allow me to highlight the important bits.

The main Insurgence window.


And finally the latest version of Cheat Engine.

You first want to go ahead and select the Pokemon Insurgence process.

You also want to be on the pokemart purchase screen. Pokeballs should probably be highlighted. This next part is important, so be sure to follow it carefully. Make sure you do not have any regular pokeballs in your inventory. None. At all.

Over in Cheat Engine you want to type 535 into the box, but leave all the search settings at default. Why 535?

535 is the internal item ID of pokeballs. What we're doing is searching for pokeballs as they appear on the shop screen.

Having 81 results is damn near ideal. You can trim them down a little by moving the cursor around in the menu and searching for "unchanged value" in Cheat Engine.

This value here changed from 535 to 1, so it's not pointing at what we want. So if we search for "unchanged value" then Cheat Engine will flush it from the results.

74 is about as good as we're going to get. So just highlight all of them and hit that little red arrow I'm pointing at.

A quick search reveals that Rare Candies are internal ID 527.

So select all the memory addresses we brought down and change the value from 535 to 527.

Back in the game, you want to leave the purchase screen and go back in. Properly priced Rare Candies are now for sale! But that's not all. Here's a two-fer. You see, those candies are really expensive so...

Over in Cheat Engine hit New Scan and in the search box type in how much money you have. In our case it's 25064, then hit *2+1. The devs of Insurgence didn't want you to do what we're about to do, so they made it difficult by internally storing the money as a value that's double what it shows, and then adding one. So 25064 becomes 50129.

Draxion and Ace of Aces explain what's going on better than I can:

Draxion posted:

The *2+1 thing is the offset for pretty much every value you might want to change in RPG Maker games, in case anyone is interested in doing that for anything else.

Ace of Aces posted:

This is actually a quirk of the game engine, not Insurgence's dev actually being a dick, unlike in their previous game, where any detected cheating would replace your pokemon with Dunsparce, change every text box to "DON'T CHEAT", and overwrite delete your saves, and overwrite your autosave slots with garbage every frame.

8 results, but we can quickly narrow that down. Just buy a few things and search again.

I bought a single Rare Candy and searched for the new money value. Then when I highlighted Antidote to buy, there was only a single value left that money could be. So we just need to bring down that address like before.

In this case we don't really need to change the value, so just hit the little checkbox next to it and freeze it in place. Our money is now frozen at $20,264.

Let me warn you now, Insurgence has a hard-coded maximum money value of $999,999. Going above that will crash the game. So if you want to max out your money, just set it to 1999999 and never look back.

You should also save and restart Insurgence if you do this to prevent the game from acting oddly.

The regular update will come a little later when I'm not quite so behind.