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Part 12

Time for da update

To get things rolling, I decided to catch the first pokemon I encountered in the wild today. It just happened to be this sucker.

Get things rolling, get it? Cause he's a ball-like Pokemon!

After that little venture I walked to the nearest Pokemon Center, where I saw this guy.

sup brah

He said he'd give me a present if I had 20 Pokemon logged in my cookbook, so I handed it over...

So I headed out to catch two more Pokemon - conveniently, the next two I saw were new; a Spearow and a Sandshrew. I caught both and ran back to Mr. Aide.

Aw hell yeah.

I then ventured into a nearby cave, "Rock Tunnel". It didn't take me long to realize that it was COMPLETELY BLACK IN HERE.

I had forgotten to get the HM for Flash. Oh well, I've stumbled through Rock Tunnel before in the dark, I might as well do it again.

This turned out to be a bad idea...


After a while, I finally made it out into daylight again, fairly unscathed.

However, something didn't feel right... The new town I found myself in felt a little... off...

If nothing else, this place had this dooder.

I decided to have him rate Doublebutt's name, since you all think I should change it.

As it turns out, he liked PrimeRAPE better so I changed it to that.

The locals wouldn't shut up about the nearby tower, so I decided I had to check it out. Maybe there was money or a sweet Pokemon inside. Or a money Pokemon.

Turns out, all that was there was PIKACHU...

So anyway, I kicked his butt effortlessly and left the dusty old tower.


This picture doesn't really mean anything, I just think it's funny.

Eventually I found myself in Celedon City, where I found a huge tower. Being a VIP I decided to take the back door. At the top of the stairs I found this guy...

And this Poke-Ball...

Inside the Ball was an EEVEE!

I haven't had a "pick a pokemon" segment in a while, so here's the lowdown. Pick either Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon, and come up with a name for it. Whoever has the best name/pokemon combination is who I'll pick for Eevee's evolution.

And just because Flareon is my favorite doesn't mean you should try to play favorites.

edit: I decided recently that I want to take Pikachu and Butterfree out of my lineup. This frees up space for what will probably be Eevee('s evolution) and a Haunter. Any other suggestions are valid, though.