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Part 14

On Tonight's episode of "Let's Play Pokemon!"...

Welcome Pokemon friends and enemies alike. Tonight we take a look at my exploits in Celedon City. First thing's first - tackling the local gym leader... then fighting her.

What's the problem? :girl:

What was that? I was too busy staring at Erica's ass.

She tells me this AFTER I completely destroy the gym with Char. Women.

After beating/sexing these bitches up I made my way over to Erica. Personally, I think she's spent a little too much time around the grass... pokemon.

And so begins the mating ritual...

They don't call me Minute Man for nothin'.

I then headed over to the Game Center to grab some coinage. It seems the locals have played a little too much, though.

But what's this...?

A scheme! Scandilous!

ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF "Let's Play Pokemon!"






Sorry for the lack of updates today, I've been really busy with some family stuff. If nothing else I'll have Celedon finished off tomorrow. My goal from now on is one gym a day, if not more. Here's hoping.

edit: Fixed a picture.