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Part 16

Pokemon Theatre: English Version

I decided against Hitmonlee because he's boring and I already have PrimeRAPE. Thus, Mike Tyson is now sitting in my PC.

I decided that since Saffron was such a ghost town to head to Lavender again... which turned out to be even more of a town.


I quickly saw what they meant by ghosts...

Yay now I own the soul of a dead pokemon! (note: I forgot to give it a name, so suggestions are welcome)

Soon I found a real ghost!

Oh nevermind it was just Old Man Marowak!

Apparently I was rescuing this old guy or something?

Oh well, he gave me a Pokèflute, so I might as well go try to catch that lardass, Snorlax.

On down the road I found a small cabin, and in typical RPG hero style, barged right in. There I met this fellow.

Being completely weirded out by this guy, I high-tailed it back to Saffron, only to find that I could actually go in some places now!

Inside was a huge office building, where Team Rocket was holding workers hostage!

...on a lighter note, look at what 8---D learned!

Anyway, back to business.

I was savin' workers and unlockin' doors like nobody's business...

...when all of the sudden...

WHAT THE FUCK?! How the hell did PIKACHU get in here?! Ugh, guess he'll want to battle, too...

What do ya know, I kicked his ass again...

An innocent worker next to us saw my display of pure Pokemon passion and decided to give me a Lapras (which I promptly named Loch Ness).

I doubt I'll use it, though.

Anyway, I kept pressing on through the tower, and finally I found another familiar face.

S'right, dis is my house.

The President of Silph Co. was so impressed with my abilities that he decided to give me a little present.

The day wasn't over, though. I promised myself I'd beat a gym, and a gym I would beat! So I headed over to the local one and began beating up nerds.

After dealing with their stupid nerd teleporter traps, I finally made it to Sabrina. She didn't seem very sociable so I just elected to beat her face in.

The cops never found her.

And on that note, I retire. I'm pretty busy tonight, so there might not be another update. I'll see what I can do, though.