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Part 17

Teeter posted:

check out the newest fad in my game of sapphire that I just started:

what a sicko...

Saddest Update Ever

Today is a grim day... It's like some horrible flash back to six years ago... I'll get to that later, though. First, some good news!

Now for the sad part...

It started off like any normal battle...

Then it got a little weird...

Then... oh God, why me?!

God I feel like that guy I know who used it on a Dewgong, only mine was on accident.

To relieve my frusteration I went to beat up some Ninjas.

It didn't help.

After wandering around the seemingly empty gym I found my way to Koga, the gym leader. I decided that we should throw down, and it was on.

And off.

Sorry for the short update, I just got really angry when I used that Master Ball (and had been playing for a while), so I just wanted to stop for a while. I'll post more later.