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Part 18

Pokèmon: The Journey's Just Begone... There's more adventure...

Sorry for the huge downtime guys, my grandparents came to visit for the weekend so I had barely anytime to play... except for when I played City of Villians and everyone yelled at me to work on my thread.

Let's get things started the right way...

With a babbling old man.

Aww, who could say "no" to that face?

Now, I had heard rumors that this guy was the warden of the Safari Zone, the nearby "Catch a shitload of pokemon" farm. Therefore, I figured that was a good place to see what was going down.

After some exploring I happened across these little beauties.


Wait, teeth?

I also stumbled upon this place.

The kind man gave me the HM for Surf.

I made haste back to the old man, teeth in tow. Apparently these were in fact the object of his strange desire.

...Oh yeah, and I guess I caught a Pokemon or two...

And my two "pride and joy" captures...

And what would a post about the Safari Zone be without random animal stoning-and-running pictures?

After this little adventure I decided to relax with the other trainers on the beach nearby.

No rest for Ash...

Realizing I wasn't going to get any much-needed R&R here I headed back to Celedon City to grab the HM for Fly which I missed earlier.


I already had one caught and I was tired so I just Cross Chopped his ass with PrimeRAPE and sent him packing. :arse:

After grabbing Fly I headed back to good ol' Pallet Town to visit the cook who inspired this thread.

Aww, thanks.

After that bit of recreation I Surfed south of Pallet down to Cinnibar Island. I heard they have good barbeque. And this place.

So I stepped inside.

...for real this time guys.

Well, my wrist is tired [] and my computer tower is smoking, so I better wrap this up. I leave you with this crypic clue of my next adventure...

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