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Part 19

Let's Play Pokèmon: The First Movie

As you guys know, today was the day I was supposed to venture into the very eerie and vaguely smelly Pokèmon Mansion... so I did. OBLIGITORY CAPTURE SHOTS TIME!

Also, it seems we have a mystery on our hands, guys. :sherlock:

It was about this time that I noticed some tattered paper lying around in various parts of the burned down mansion... Things were starting to get weird.

I couldn't figure out if this had anything to do with the destruction of the mansion or not, so I tried to go on my way and forget the whole ordeal. To be honest, I'm a little creeped out.

I quickly headed over to the gym, as I found a key inside the manor as I was walking around inside. Sure enough, it unlocked the doors, and I was on my way to Blaine.

Now, it's tradition to play the quiz games instead of fighting the trainers - I mean, you can fight trainers anywhere, but where are you going to have a sweet-ass Pokemon quiz?

Amazingly enough, I never got one wrong.

I then confronted the self-proclaimed hot head gym leader Blaine. I knew a guy in elementary school named Blaine. We played Ninja Turtles in the street together, and it was pretty cool.

Stepping outside with my brand new badge, I encountered a familiar face!

Sure, why not. All I'm trying to do is become the WORLD'S GREATEST POKEMON MASTER I'M NOT BUSY.

Wait a yacht?! Fuckin' tits!

We soon docked. Then we landed in port.

I think the proper way to say that is "an island," chief.

Making haste, we dashed over to the Pokemon center to greet Bill's friend.

In other words a big virgin nerd right?

They gave me a Meteorite to deliver to the guy who owns some Game Corner on another island, and because the legal drinking age on the islands is 18 I decided to stick around for a while.

What journeys await me on An Island? That'll just have to wait until next ti-