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Part 20

The Chesty and the Restless

Sorry for the thread neglect, guys. I've been busy doing things fun

But seriously, I've just been a little swamped as of late, and it takes enough time to write an update where I occasionally just can't bring myself to play for an hour then write about it. Regardless, I did, and here are the fruits of my labor.

As we last saw our hero Ash, I had been given a quest to deliver a SpaceRock (tm) to the owner of Two Island's Game Corner owner. Since there's enough ass to stare at on these islands to keep a gym hoppin' playa like me satisfied, I headed on my way.

More like Goon Island m i rite?

And here we are!

But wait, something is amiss!

A "cutie", you say?

For a hot babe, anything!

Just as I was on my way out, someone else decided to barge in.

Fucking dick, who does this guy think he is? This is a quality establishment!

But the old man won't take any of his shit and lays down the law before I decide to bust his ass up with PrimeRAPE.

So I head over to Three Island (who the fuck named these places?! Next thing you know there'll be Four, Five, Six, and Seven Island, too ), and the whole place is infested with those biker faggots!

I walked north a little ways and encountered the same jerks pestering two innocent bystanders, who are doing their best to defend themselves.

...but sadly, they cannot stand up to the bikers' cutting retorts.

It was about this time I decided it was time for me to step in and bust some heads.

Sorry guys, the scheduled Goonmeet at Three Island will have to be cancelled, they know about us.

Finally, a clue! :bluesclues:

And so, I headed off in search of this babe.

Soon I found her. Sorta.

Sadly, the good citizen in me didn't let me leave her all alone. It seemed that a "scary Pokemon" was, well, scaring her, so I did what I do best... Kick ass.

The deed done, we returned to Two Island to see her father.

Sounds to me that Daddy is going to be in prison for a very long time.

I then remembered that I had the SpaceRock (tm) for him, and handed it over to the irresponsible parent.

After the heartfelt reunion I decided to watch the sunset atop the nearby hill. Much to my suprise, there was a small cottage up there.

For those not "in the know," Blast Burn is part of a small series of moves only the three starter Pokemon can learn, consisting of Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, and this.

New technique in tow, I headed back to An Island and told Bill the good news.

We then headed back to civilization.

Sorry, I don't date fags.

To wrap up today's journey, I decided it was as good a time as ever to catch a much-needed Cubone. I didn't want it to just be any Cubone, though - I needed one with a good nature, decent IVs, and of course a Thick Club. So to make a long story short, I caught about 30 Cubones over the course of fourty minutes - I ended up with two Thick Clubs and this little duder.

Her IVs were really good, (22+, and 30 for HP), except for Attack which was 9. However, I'll let that slide with her Nature and da 'Club. Hopefully she'll be ready to kick ass come next update.