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Part 22

Let's Play Pokèmon: Serious Business

Today was a big day for me, in terms of Pokèmon, and I'm sure you'll all agree once I start the ball rolling. I'd first like to thank everybody who has been with this thread, from the beginning or not. It's been a lot of fun writing for you guys, and reading all the positive things everyone has had to say. I'm glad that my thread has inspired you to give a long-forgotten game (for many of you) another chance, and I wish you the best of luck. With that said...

Picking up from my last update, by popular demand...

Finally, something to use that killer attack for!

Now that I have all eight badges, it's time to head to the Pokemon League in Indigo Plateau. Or so I though.

This guy is always one step ahead of me.

This time I'll show him once and for all, though.

After receiving his severe Pokèmon beat down, PIKACHU had this to say.

Taking PIKACHU's words to heart, I decided that the fastest way to the top was by having a bunch of strong Pokèmon to aid me. Now, I already had quite a few, but there's no reason to not get a few more.

With that in mind, I remembered a rumor I had heard about some Legendary bird-type Pokèmon. One was rumored to be in the abandoned Power Plant, so I headed there.

This place was filled with items, or so I thought.

Curse you, Electrode, you tricked me!

Finally, I found what I was looking for. The fabled electric bird, Zapdos!

And after about 5 Ultra Balls, I had it!

With that finished I headed back to Indigo Plateau, but left the Zapdos in my box. He might come in handy later, but for now, it's just me and my buddies.

The place is pretty intimidating on the inside, but I wasn't afraid, and pressed on.

The next leg of my journey consisted of flashing my gym badges at strategically positioned guards, to prove that I was a true Pokèmon Master :psyduck

Along the way, I also caught this guy.

Finally, I made it to the next part of my test - a boulder and trainer infested cave that I had to endure before reaching the Elite Four.


Eventually, I made it back to daylight...

Slowly, I approached the building where my fate would be decided...

Once inside, I healed up, bought some supplies, and got ready for the fight of my life. I didn't want to rush it though, so I'm making this my final update before I take on the Elite Four. If there is anything I need to do before hand, speak now. Want me to catch something first? Sure. Something need renamed? I'll do it. But as of tomorrow, some crazy shit is gonna go down.