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Part 5

Okay, one last update for now. I gotta head to the library after this, though, so don't expect one for a while.

I realized it was time to move on after leveling for a while, and entered the sacred Viridian Forest! Oooooh!

This place was good to me - within 3 encounters, this happened:

And so did this:

This is why Butterfree rocks the shit out of Beedrill.

Sounds like a challange to me!

Onwards they came...

And just as quickly they fell.

I decided to relax by taking a trip to the museum in Pewter City before tacking Brock.

What a small rocket. I wonder if that indicates that it was used for horrible experiments involving sending Digletts into space!

Well, fun time was over, and it was time to get serious. Brock, here I come!

I bet his willpower isn't the only rock-hard thing around here...

See? His Pokemon are, too!

Wouldn't have guessed.


Oh no...

But Doublebutt is too sweet to take any shit from that Onix, and promptly Low Kicks its face in, earning me a BOULDERBADGE and a TM for ROCK TOMB! Hotness!

On that note, I'm out. I'll post more updates later.