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Pokemon LeafGreen

by Countblanc

Part 6

Finished my work as quick as I could so I could labor away playing more Pokemon for you faggots. Ya'll better be grateful!

The first thing I did when I exitted the gym was nabbing a pair of hot kicks.

I plan on putting these Nikes up an ass or two.

I then travelled east and encountered a few trainers, one of which felt the need to inform me of his love for shorts, and this little gem after I beat him:

All is not lost, however:

Name: NotUsinDis

Best of all, I found this guy sitting in a corner in the Pokemon center. I initially thought he was wanking it over there while leering at Nurse Joy (she'd never be the wiser, she's too busy handlin' my balls ).

Turns out he wants to sell me this badass Pokemon! Hell, it even has "Magik" in the name, it's gonna rock out loud!

m i rite guyz :loleyes::

After I bought it (and named it Gaylong), I decided to check its stats...



Sorry for the short update. I'm playing some now, so expect my journey in Mt. Moon to be posted later this evening.