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Part 7

tv iv is nerds posted:

no shut up, geodude is an awesome name, also count, you must honor me by naming a pokemon Magius

No he'll just piss off the rest of Goon Squad.

Okay, an update of recent events...

As it turns out, Magikarp sucks big balls. And I mean Ed, Edd, and Eddy Jawbreaker-sized balls. As such, I went back and tried to get a refund, and the bastard says,

Last time I listen to you guys.

Only slightly put off, I pressed on into Mt. Moon.

When suddenly this happened!

My little boy... growing up...

Continuing on, I encounted a man in black. I figured I'd ask him for directions, but the bastard attacked me!

After scrapping with his Zubats, I kept pressing on, and encountered another man in black. However, this one was... different...

I was nearing the end of the tunnel, and losing hope that I'd catch anything worthwhile, when suddenly, this little cutie appeared!

Immediately after that, I took down a guy who called himself a "Super Nerd", must have been a goon. He offered me a fossil, and I'm not one to pass up free archeological discoveries, but he'd only give me one.

Which one do I take guys, the Helix fossil or the Dome fossil?