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Part 14: Chapter 6: Team Skull Part 4

That night, while the guild sleeps...

We just had dinner, but I could go for some more food.

My belly'll never get filled on grub like that.

All right. The guild members have all gone off to bed... Let's go find it now.

Huh? Find what?

What else? The guild's food stock. We'll find their food and give ourselves a proper feast.

I like that thinking, Chief!

Okay, let's get to it!

The next morning...

The day begins as usual.

Larder? You mean, go get some food?

We inspected the larder this morning. For some mysterious reason, the guild's food stock has dropped sharply all of a sudden.

No one suspects theft, because everyone believes the best in Pokemon who don't have their faces on outlaw posters.

Furthermore, our entire stock of Perfect Apples has disappeared. That was the only item to get completely cleaned out.

Perfect Apples? What are those?

They're very big and very delicious Apples. But more than that, they are the Guildmaster's favorite food! ♪ If there were no Perfect Apples, the Guildmaster would, um... The Guildmaster w-w-would... erk!

Go on. If there were no Perfect Apples, what would happen to Wigglytuff?

The G-Guildmaster would... Yes, that's what would happen.

That's why I'm begging you two to get some Perfect Apples.

Uh, what did he just say?! I didn't hear! It'll drive me crazy, not knowing!

But, oh well.

Sure, we'll go get some. You can count on us!

Good! ♪

Perfect Apples can be found deep in Apple Woods. Now, listen, this may seem like a simple errand, but it's a crucial job. After all, this is all about the Guildmaster's... erk! ...So please don't fail! ♪


Whoa-ho-ho! Looks like they're going out foraging for food.

That's because we feasted last night. A thankless task thanks to us, chaw-haw-haw!

Heh-heh-heh! Let's mess with them!

The guild members don't suspect a thing. Only we can see the dark shadow hanging over Team America.

I'll tell you when I'm done. It's something you should look forward to. Meh-heh-heh. You'll finally learn what I'm up to here. Meh-heh-heh.

I already know, and the wait is killing me.

We see Loudred and Diglett doing nothing but sentry duty. Maybe getting a really high score on that mini-game will guarantee them a spot.

Meanwhile, Bidoof does investigative work.

Yup yup. I can't help thinking that our larder is going down much faster than it should be...

Detective Doof: guild member of the month.

Chatot is eager to remind us of this. Apparently, failing this job is too scary to imagine.

Yay! Thanks! ♪ Friendly friends! ♪ Bring me lots and lots and lots!

But before that, we have four new entries for secret reading!

Something very mysterious happened at our guild the other day! We were in the guild when (oh my gosh!) the place was stunk up by an atrocious stench! Oh my gosh! I'd never experienced such a foul cloud of fumes. It was an eek-worthy moment!

But... everyone denied responsibility for it! But there's no fooling me! Oh my gosh, I know what I smelled, and there was no mistaking it! Eek, how mysteriously it crept upon us! Who is the culprit?! Eek!

That night, Sunflora couldn't sleep, because someone farted. She swears to god, someone farted.

In the morning briefing, Chatot told us something that's worth a good scream. Eek! There's an expedition coming up! Yippee! Oh my gosh! It's been simply ages since our last one! On our last expedition, we brought home simply massive amounts of treasures! We shared everything with everyone in Treasure Town. It was a happy, happy time!

Oooh, the upcoming expedition should be fun! I wonder where we'll explore this time? My roommate Chimecho and I got all excited guessing about the destination! Of course, I'm going to do everything I can to be picked for the expedition! Oooh, I'm feeling motivated! Yippee!

A giant flower and a wind chime are hyped for this field trip.

Something was sure a surprise the other day! I was checking out the Outlaw Notice Board, when it suddenly stank like rotten sulfur!But then everyone turned and looked at me like I had something to do with it, by golly! I swear! I really had nothing to do with that awful stink, by golly!

I know I've been guilty in the past, like that time in my room once... then twice in the Mess Hall, and once in the Guildmaster's quarters, but... By Golly, I surely am not guilty of anything this time, I swear!

It's hard to shake the title of Fumigator.

The guild's going on an expedition soon! It'll be my first expedition... That's sure got my heart racing, by golly. But will they think about choosing me? Compared to everyone else, I'm slow and klutzy... Even Team America's rookies are getting better and better... But I'm surely not giving up, by golly! I'll do the best I can to get picked for the expedition, yup yup!

Maybe Bidoof is secretly soloing outlaw monster houses in an attempt to outdo us.

There's an expedition coming up, hey, hey!

Who knows what kind of high-level guild work Corphish is doing. Maybe he hustles shop owners for protection fees.

This is the same as Gulpin's shop in PMD Red/Blue, and similar to Scraggy's shop in Gates To Infinity. With the Link Shop, you can link moves to use more than one attack in a single turn (which costs money), or remember any level-up move the Pokemon has learned before (which is free).

For example, you can link Tail Whip and Tackle, so you lower the enemy's defense before you strike. Another combo is Sing and Wake-Up Slap, or Fake Tears and a special attack of some kind. However, using linked moves raises hunger faster, and if either linked move runs out of PP, the moves unlink.

We won't be linking today, though.

I'm more interested in the free move reminder service.

Giving Babar Odor Sleuth is going to come in handy later.

We all should work hard so we get chosen for the expedition!

Meanwhile, on Dugtrio's cliff of contemplation...

Why did you call me out here?

See? The sea is vast.

Um, yes... But why are you telling me this? I'm supposed to be working, Dad.

If I don't go back soon, I'll get an earful from Loudred.

You'll be scolded? Why let such a paltry matter cloud your thoughts? Broaden your perspective... Like the sea before you.

I don't know what that means! I'm going back to the guild. I want to be chosen for the expedition. Dad, you should quit wasting time here and get back to work. See you.

I think someone on this cliff needs a Rawst Berry.

Raising a child is the hardest thing I've ever done... Aha-ha-ha... But I'd like to imagine that my son will one day understand. The way that we have chosen to live...

Note to parents: your kid will never understand, if they think you've lost your mind.

This happens to be a skill in Michael's IQ group. With Acute Sniffer enabled, upon entering a new dungeon floor, a message will pop up numbering the amount of items lying around. It even detects items hidden in the walls.

These limited-time offers involve permanent stat-ups like Calcium and Iron, meaning you can get them just by trading some Oran Berries or something else super-common.

I'm not sure I want to think too hard about what a delighted digestive system feels like.

Maybe it feels like not hitting your friends while confused.

Michael gets that skill Zigzagoon mentioned earlier.

But it's annoying and time-consuming to have that message pop up on every single floor, so I turn it off.

Drinkable vitamins! And while I'm at it...

Let's finally use this.

I considered save-scumming for a +2 or more, but even +1 at this stage is great. We won't be seeing another Ginseng for a while, anyway.

Also, Babar got Cheerleader. Just having this IQ Skill on a Pokemon buffs their teammates, which is great for making Michael even stronger.

Afterwards, I get a pretty good item from recycling. Eyedrop Seeds allow you to see invisible things, which isn't limited to traps.

Not that there are any traps an Eyedrop Seed can help with where Team America is going.

Next time: picking a peck of Perfect Apples.