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Part 17: Chapter 6: Team Skull Part 7

Good luck with that! I hope you get picked for the expedition!

Besides the guild, the whole town is excited about it.

It would be nice to see you two chosen as members too.

All the cool kids want to go exploring with Team America.

...Oh? As for us? It goes without saying that we'll be among the chosen! What... What do you take us for? Grr-rumble... How very insulting of you! Grrr-rumble...

What's Dadtrio gonna do, start a 3.0 earthquake?

Anyhow, let's get to work.

Another day, another delinquent Chingling.

Chimecho needs to control her dang children.

DestroyerSlap in action.

Gosh, you don't belong in this dungeon, Mr. Beedrill! Are you lost, friend?

Pursuit returns some of the damage dealt to the user back at the attacker, and I don't care to deal with that kind of recoil this early in the game.

So Michael puts the giant hornet to sleep, and swats at nothing for a while. Just like a kitten.

After it wears off, Michael hits Beedrill until it blinks out of existence, and retrieves the stolen item.

Next up is another bad bug.

The plan: stun and surround.

The stairs were right there, so I had to nail it in a few turns. If a runaway outlaw reaches the stairs, then you fail the mission.

It ended well for us, of course.

Next job happened to have another running Butterfree.

They didn't get away.

The Magnecops need better jails or something, what with all the criminal Chinglings on the loose.

Also, we got to eat dinner this time!

Sentry duty usually means something important's about to happen.

Meganium's footprint looks identical to Snorlax's, dammit!

But the mistake buffer is generous enough to let me keep a perfect score.

Anyhow, the next day is just more training. Oh well.

Besides the job bulletin board and the beach, you can also get jobs from Pokemon hanging around the cafe entrance.

But I don't like escort missions.

And he was never heard from again.

Whoa! So cooool!! I really want to join the teeeeam!!

We'll be hearing more about Team Frontier later on.

This IQ Skill occasionally allows the Pokemon to use a move without consuming any PP. It doesn't happen often, but it's enough to make moves last longer between Max Elixir uses.

This one makes temporary status ailments last no more than 3 turns. That means less time wasted on confusion.

When Wynaut says this, it means you got either a trade-in upgrade, or a new dungeon.

It's an upgrade this time! Though I think Silver Tickets unlock from reaching Silver Rank, as well. They need 6 items traded in compared to the Prize Ticket's 4, but it also means better prizes, as well.

Chingling doesn't know when to quit.

Michael throws Sticks at the obvious felon until he comes into slapping range.

She finishes him off unscathed.

And that's the last of today's missions.

This outlaw was an A rank this time, so the reward was quite a bit nicer. The 2,000P from selling the Gold Ribbon can't be taken from us by the guild, after all.

Wide Slash is a typeless move (though affected by Normalize) that hits any targets sitting in a horizontal line in the three squares in front of the user. So...

...Like this.

Afterwards, Chimecho rings the dinner bell. Which is just flailing herself around, I imagine.

Everyone! It's time for dinner! ♪

Everyone: Yeah! Let's get...

Everyone! Hold up!

I wish to make an announcement.

Hey, hey, heeeeeey!

Well, spit it out already! Let's eat!

You prevent us from eating what's in front of us? This is an outrage!

Eek! This is so unfair! I feel faint from hunger!

Boooo! Boooo!

Order! I must have order!

Our Guildmaster has apparently made his final decisions. ♪

Everyone: WHOA!

By golly, it's finally settled.

The members will be announced at tomorrow morning's briefing. It's something to look forward to. ♪ Now, sorry to have kept you waiting.

I'm feeling sort of nervous.

Yes, I know Chatot said we shouldn't get our hopes up. After all, we didn't bring back any of those Perfect Apples that Wigglytuff loves so much.

But... After that, we did work really hard, didn't we? We've done the best we could. Even if we don't get picked, I don't regret a thing.

Yaaaaawn... I'm getting drowsy. Let's get some sleep. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's announcement. OK, good night.

(No regrets. Right...)

(But... If we're not chosen for the expedition party... Babar will be crushed.)

(Babar is trying so hard... I hope Babar gets to go on the exploration... If we both get chosen for the expedition... That special ability may be useful then...)

(Come to think of it, I haven't had any of those dizzy spells recently. I think it's a useful ability. But not being able to see those visions when I want to is frustrating.)

(...Thinking about everything too much will keep me from sleeping. I'd better get to sleep now too. Good night, Babar. I hope you get chosen tomorrow...)

*: There it is! Another Time Gear!

*: This is the second one!