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Part 18: Chapter 6: Team Skull Part 8

I shall announce the expedition members at this time.

Chatot accepted the memo bearing the names of the expedition members from Wigglytuff.

The chosen members are written on this memo. Step forward if your name is called.

My heart's a-pounding, by golly.

Without further ado, I will announce those who've been chosen.

Loudred walks up to the front.


(Says you...)

(Big talker, yup yup.)

(Is he saying he wasn't even nervous?)

I got picked! Hey, hey! (Whew, that's a relief...)

Well this is a surprise! Our next member is Bidoof! ♪

Really?! Really and truly?! Golly... Me?! I'm going on the expedition?!

Come on, step forward.

Urf... I sure want to step up, I truly do, but...

I'm feeling a might overwhelmed here. My legs aren't moving...

So be it. We'll ignore it and move on.

Eeek! Oh my gosh!

Oh. Guess we get to clean the latrine or something while everyone else has fun.

(Heh-heh! Serves them right!)

(Whoa-ho-ho! They had it coming.)

Y'know, in case you didn't think Team Skull could be any more mean-spirited.

Erm... What's this...?

(The Guildmaster's writing is such a messy scrawl... This is so hard to decipher... Erk! If I said that aloud, the consequences wouldn't be pretty. Best to keep a stiff upper beak and swallow those words.)

What, does the Guildmaster write all his memos in fingerpaints? It can't be that bad.

Erm... It appears that there are more expedition members.

Oh, and Babar and Michael. ♪

What?! Whaaaat?!

Every member of the guild!

Yup! That's right!

Wait. Let's back up a bit to when Chatot got the memo.

Here. Now, with a little technological magic, let's crop out the extra stuff...

Zoom in...


Well, would you look at that! The most legitimate proof you'll ever see.

Moreover, if we were to all go, we would be leaving the guild empty! Are you sure it will be all right to leave with no one to look after the guild?

It'll be fine. We'll lock up properly. ♪

Hmm... When a friend asks something like that, I have to wonder why...

I mean, first of all, why does everyone have to go? What's the point of having everyone participate?

Huh?! Of course there's a point! That is... If everyone went, it would be more fun!

We'll be noisy and excited and having fun! I started thinking about it, and it made me so excited, I couldn't sleep! ♪



Let's all do our best! ♪

We're going on a FIELD TRIIIIP!

Fine. Let me explain the schedule. Right after this, I will hold a briefing on the expedition. As such, the chosen members (that is, everyone)... Each of you should get prepared to embark on the expedition.

Which means, take your tiny raisin boxes, Dunkaroos, and those little plastic barrels of bug juice out of storage.

Let me remind you that this is a guild-exclusive expedition. You may not bring nonguild members of your teams. As such, you won't be able to add members at Chimecho Assembly. They simply aren't allowed to join the expedition. Keep that in mind while you are making preparations.

If you were running around with recruits who could put everything to sleep, do full-party buffs, or just provide more coverage, you don't get to have them for the duration of the trip.

When you are prepared for the upcoming journey, you should return here. Then, inform me of your readiness. That is all. Dismissed!

I could scream, I'm so happy! Everyone is going on the expedition!

Our Guildmaster has done it again. I'm so shocked, I'm tingling!

I didn't think we'd get picked, so that came as a total shock! I'm glad we never gave up!

Hey, hey!

Oh, but not just me! Why, everyone gets to go... Sniff... It's like I'm dreaming. It's making me feel mighty emotional... Sob...

It's no dream. This is really happening. Anyway, since we are all going, it means that we're all going to be put to the test as well. That's why I would like to propose that all of us apprentices work as one. And let's make this expedition a success!

Yippee! That's the spirit!

Let's do our best!

Sniff... Sniff...

Let's band together and do it!

The Exploration Team Federation has sent a message... Michael's team was rewarded with a bigger Treasure Bag! You can now carry more items than you could before!

Field trip!

I'd better not forget my precious Perfect Apple! ♪ La-la-la! ♪

You might say a manchild's running the guild, but manchildren are never as nice as Wigglytuff.

Last chance to do swaps before we go. Good thing we have nothing to swap yet.

Team Twee is right once in a while.

Except for the scrub recruits we're leaving behind!

This is my first time out on an expedition, so I'm a little nervous.

He goes on to talk about the rumored Secret Bazaar. It can only be found in dungeons, and offers some handy dungeon-crawling services on the cheap. The only catch? You never know where you'll find one on any given floor.

After the last expedition, they came back with loads of treasure. We expect big things from your upcoming expedition!

I hope you get lots of treasure!

This is what happens when the Guildmaster throws his loot around like candy. Now the townies will never stop begging.

Don't waste space on Lunchables. They'll just get warm and gross.

Take your time. Nothing moves until we say so.

Michael already has DoubleSlap. That's pawnishment power.

It will be even harder if you don't take the right supplies. We all should get properly stocked up before we go see Chatot.

Go on the expedition empty-handed if you feel like giving the RNG the middle finger.

The expedition is no walk in the park! So don't GOOF UP and get in my way! GOT THAT?!

So says the tough-love apprentice.

We have to be more open and trusting of one another, whoa-ho-ho!

The expedition will be rough. We'd all better be... well stocked with food. Chaw-haw-haw!

We're only stocking up. Oh, come on! Don't make nasty faces at me. Heh-heh-heh!

Why don't you guys go on an expedition off that cliff over there.

Come back with lots of souvenirs!

Getcher own!

It's been much too long! It's me, Spoink! You're going on an expedition! I heard! How fabulous! Oh, please do come back with lots of treasures! ♪

Well, at least he didn't just vanish after Chapter 2.

Finally, a nice old lady who won't beg for loot. Kangaskhans already have all the treasure they need.

We have been chosen for the expedition! (Though that was a given.) We therefore must take leave of this place for a short while! However... When we return... You will see that we have grown in every way! Look forward to that day!

Who is he really trying to impress?

O sea! O sea!!! O vaaaast sea! ...Gasp-gasp...

Somebody down in that ocean must be confused by the three-headed mole who comes to scream at them daily.

This bird's giving out an A-rank mission, which I save for later.

Now your whole life is Apple Juice.

If an ally is at critical health, all damage they take gets transferred to an adjacent ally with Bodyguard instead. Sort of like Cover from Final Fantasy.

Sometimes, random Pokemon will fall in love with your chug-charging prowess, and want to join you. They start at level one and have awful stat gains, same as most recruits from dungeons, and those who join as job rewards.

I refuse their offer to join, not like I'd be able to use them for the next while, anyway.

The expedition will be a long journey. You should be stocked up on items. Are you all ready to go?

We've got our mini-coolers all packed, so let's get this show on the road.

Good. ♪ You appear to be in full readiness. ♪ When the other apprentices assemble, I shall commence the briefing. Until then, just wait. ♪


Well then. Let me explain about this expedition. ♪ First, the objective: exploration of Fogbound Lake.

Fogbound Lake?

However, it is perpetually enshrouded by a dense fog. As such, its actual existence has never been confirmed... It is merely the foggy mirage of a spot that lives to this day on rumor alone. It is also rumored a treasure of exquisite beauty is hidden there! ♪

Wow! Treasure?! We're going on a treasure hunt! This is so exciting!


First off... This is where Fogbound Lake is said to be. As an uncharted territory, the area is shown under a cloud cover.

Our guild is here. As you can see, the lake is at a considerable distance from the guild.

Therefore, we will encamp at the foot of the highlands here. That will serve as our base camp. If we were to travel all at once in a single group to the base camp, our mobility would be restricted. The strategy is to split up into several groups to travel to the base camp. ♪

The first group is Sunflora, Loudred, Diglett, and Croagunk.

You should talk!

Looks like group one is Team Type-Coverage.

The next group is Dugtrio, Chimecho, and Corphish.

I promise to try my best!

Hey, hey, likewise!

Says Corphish, knowing Dugtrio's Earthquake will make their trip a breeze.

Erm... Let's see...

Awwwww?! I have to go with Chatot?!

Chatot doesn't let Wigglytuff peek inside Victreebels or play the hand-slap game with Kinglers.

Please don't be difficult. This is a key element of our strategy.


Understood. Chaw-haw-haw!

Ha ha ha! Same here, Bidoof!

Well then...