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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

by How Ingratiating!

Part 19: Chapter 7: The Guild's Big Expedition

Team America is back for everything what ain't nailed down!

Starting from Chapter 7, I'm experimenting with video updates and subbed commentary. Since Rightload stopped working for me, if I want to keep doing this LP, it's either: Upload hundreds of screenshots one at a time , or switch formats and pray.

The recordings weren't originally done with the intention of making them super-watchable, so text and other things will probably go by a little fast. I've already recorded the next few chapters, but if if it's too fast, let me know. I can probably go back and rerecord. In any case, new chapter recordings will allow a little more time for text boxes and commentary.

New music this update:

Craggy Coast

Cave and Side Path

Mt. Horn