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Part 24: Chapter 10: Dusknoir Part 3

Chapter 10 concludes with a trip to a new dungeon for a blue mouse kid's water wings. And a new team member joins!

New music this update:

Amp Plains

Far Amp Plains

If you liked the first two egg recruits, I'm taking requests. The Pokemon that hatches will be the base stage/baby form (whichever's lowest for it) of any Pokemon that spawns on the floor of the dungeon the egg mission takes place in. So besides Psyduck, I could've gotten Wooper or Barboach from Waterfall Cave 2F.

If anyone's interested, you can make an egg mission with this and paste the code in the thread, or name a Pokemon, and I'll do the rest. Missions don't work if they're not at least on the second floor. But to make things fun, your preferred Pokemon isn't 100% guaranteed—a Craggy Coast egg has just as much chance to hatch into a Dratini as it does a Krabby or a Wingull. I think the Pokemon that hatches is determined when you receive the egg, so rerolling gets tedious real fast. Let's gamble with babies!