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Part 45: Special Episode 1: Bidoof's Wish Part 3

Special Episode 1: Bidoof's Wish (Part 3)

Bidoof's Wish concludes with... Bidoof's wish.

This special episode is absolutely doable as soon as it unlocks. It's Shiren-level hard, but it's doable. Even if you can't squander Bidoof's college fund on Reviver Seeds. The tips for the Sunny/Rainy Orbs on first-time pickup are specific to this episode, encouraging smart item use over brute-forcing it.

I'd also like to discuss the translation a bit in regards to this special episode. The original PMD Time/Darkness games were translated by one well-known guy, Nob Ogasawara. He's also credited for work on Sky, though that might be just his stuff reused, but Sky also credits another translator: Eve Eschenbacher (Eve Deitsch in the credits).

Eve apparently handled all the extra content in Sky, as her style was different enough from the main story that I found it jarring. The difference in localization experience was clear to me even when Sky first came out. More literal translations, some with muddy meanings, and a few outright incorrect word choices. As a translator (and partly as a writer), it bugs me. Not to say her work is garbage or anything, or that every text box has mistakes. It's just that the mistakes and stilted writing that are present really stick out to me. Some of them read like they were translated from a text dump without in-game context to check it by. I'll be pointing out specific examples as they come up in future videos.

Eve went on to translate Heart Gold/Soul Silver, and worked on Pokemon Platinum's localization before any of these, and I don't recall them being particularly bothersome. Maybe it's the strong focus PMD puts on character writing that made a difference.