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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

by FredMSloniker

Part 1: The story begins...

Where am I?

How did I get here?

Am I dreaming?

Am I... dead?


Who said that?

This is the portal that leads to the world of Pokémon!

...I... I like Pokémon...

But before I can let you through, I have several questions for you. I want you to answer them sincerely.

...I'll try.

Are you ready?


OK... let the interview begin!

Um, yes... sometimes.

Um, the regular way, I guess. Is that the right answer?

Just choose the answer that feels right to you. Grab any digit on your left hand with your right hand.

...okay... (I can't see my fingers...)

Which digit did you grab? my thumb all right?

It's fine. It's the summer holidays! Where would you like to go?

Anywhere's fine. I like to travel.

There is a bucket. If you put water in it, how high will you fill it?

Just a little? I'm not very strong...

Do you like groan-inducing puns?

Not really. I don't understand them sometimes. ...most of the time.

Your friend fails to show up for a meeting at the promised time. What do you do?

Um, wait for him?

How quickly do you respond to an e-mail?

Um, when I remember... which isn't always...

I see. And are you a boy or a girl?

A boy... I think... I feel funny...

You appear to be... the quirky type.


People consider you an eccentric who does things at your own pace. You never break tempo. Your carefree nature makes you attractive.

That sounds nice.

But you also happen to be somewhat childish... You are fickle and cause problems for the people who have to go along with you. Maybe people are even upset with you for being so fickle?

...I'm sorry...

If you realize how selfishly you're behaving, try to think before you do anything rash. A quirky person like you should be...

The Pokémon Meowth!

I like Meowth!

This is the final step. Who would you like to have as a partner?

Choose the Pokémon you want as your partner from this group.

Ummm... I choose... Squirtle!

What is your partner's nickname?

Oh... oh, I'm bad with names... um... uhhhh Sheldon? Is that okay?

Well, is the name Sheldon okay?

Uh... uhhhh okay!

Okay! We're all set! Let's get you into the world of Pokémon! Go for it!

What's going on? It's getting dark... again...

Where am I? Am I dreaming this? I feel a pleasant breeze. ...I hear a voice from somewhere... I wonder who it is?

...Hey. ...Hey, wake up. Wake up already.

Oh, good! You finally came to!

(Wh-where is this...?)

You were passed out here. I'm glad you woke up!

I'm Sheldon. Glad to meet you!

...So, who might you be? I don't think I've seen your face around here.

Hah? You say you're a human? But any which way I look at you, you're a normal Meowth.

(It... it's true... I have turned into a Meowth!)

(...But why? I don't remember anything...)

You're... some kind of weird... So, what's your name? What do you call yourself?

(My name? That's right, my name is...)

Uh-huh... Jake. That's...

A funny name!

Somebody! Please! Help me!

Hah? I hear shouting over there...

What's the matter?

It's horrible! My Caterpie fell into a cavern! My poor baby!


A huge fissure opened in the ground, and my Caterpie fell in! He's too young to crawl out by himself! When I went to get my baby, Pokémon suddenly attacked me!

Huh? You were attacked? By other Pokémon?

They must be enraged by the fissure... and out of control! That's what I think. I'm not strong enough to fend off those wild Pokémon... What will become of my baby? Oh! What am I to do?! Oh dear, oh dear...

We can't just do nothing! Let's go help this kid!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, we see our first dungeon! Until then, here's some fanart.

Thanks, Shaezerus!