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Part 11: Day 4 - Hugs Team Base

...Again? Am I dreaming again...?

...It's that Pokémon again. Huh? They're... talking to me...? ...I can't hear them clearly. What are they saying?

Huh? It's shaking. An earthquake?

Whoa! It's getting worse.

For a dream, this feels so real, but...

The next morning...

Uhh... hello?

Hello? Uhh... you are Jake... aren't you?

Oh! You can't see us, of course! How very rude of us!

We're pleased to meet you. We are Dugtrio. Last night, during the earthquake, our child Diglett was attacked... He was whisked away to the peak of a tall mountain. We couldn't possibly climb somewhere so high up... That is why we must call upon you for your help, Jake. Diglett was abducted by a Pokémon named Skarmory. It's a vilely vicious ruffian! Please do be careful. Please, we need your help! We must go!

...That was so sudden, there was no time to even say no... It's too bad. I'd better go.

Morning, Jake!

Morning, Sheldon! Someone just asked me to go out on a rescue!

Hah? Really?!


Our child, Diglett, was kidnapped! He was taken to Mt. Steel's summit! Please, we need your help! Bye-bye!

...I see. I guess we'd better go...

Pokémon Square

Dear diary, this morning a Dugtrio came to us and said we had to rescue his baby. Sheldon said we had to stop in town first though, so we did.

First I gave Sheldon the scarf and funny box thing I was going to give him last night but he left too soon. He did something with the box, and it broke in half. Then he wore it on his head, and it buzzed for a bit. He said it taught him how to punch better but I don't know how it could. He is happy so that's what matters. He looks very nice with his scarf.

Then we went to the nice Kecleons and gave them the things we don't need, and they gave us money. We gave the money to the nice Persian who will watch it for us. I wanted to visit the nice Kangaskhan and the nice Gulpin too, but we didn't need to and I wanted to rescue the baby Diglett fast. Maybe I can say hi later.

We kept the rocks in case we needed to throw them at a mean Pokémon, the apple for when we got hungry, the gummi for a snack, the rev life seed in case we got hurt, and the magic ball so we could leave fast if we had to.

Now we're walking to Mount Steel to rescue the baby Diglett. I hope we find him soon!

Note the 'GO' logo next to Mt. Steel. That's how we know where the plot is!

Mt. Steel

So, this is it. Mt. Steel. Diglett's been taken to the peak here...

That's right!

The peak is 9F! Thank you for helping! Farewell!

...Well, I guess we go...

Dear diary, there were lots of Pokémon in Mt. Steel that were new. Like Aron!

But they were all mean, so I had to hit them. They were hard, and it hurt my paws.

The Baltoys weren't as hard, but it was still sad that I had to hit them.

I also saw Spearows and Zigzagoons on the mountain. Why are all the Pokémon so mean? Sheldon doesn't know. I have to remember we're doing this for baby Diglett.

We found a shiny ball on the mountain. Sheldon called it a 'Hurl Orb'. He says if we throw it at a Pokémon, it will push him back. It doesn't look that heavy, but maybe it's magic.

A Zigzagoon waved its tail at me, and then I felt funny. Sheldon said I should step on the 'Wonder Tile' and I would feel better, and I did. Sheldon is so smart!

We found another orange gummi on the mountain. We also found another 'Escape Orb'. Sheldon says we should put the orb in storage when we get back so we have it when we need it. That means I get to visit the Kangaskhan! Yay!

All this fighting was making me stronger. Sheldon says that's good because the mean Pokémon are getting stronger too.

We can now tell our partner to 'get away', which means he'll run away from any enemy Pokémon. It's not generally useful, but since Sheldon fainting is as bad as Jake fainting, at least until after the credits, we'll want to tell him to avoid any tough bosses that could one-shot him.

My arms were so tired from all the scratching I was doing that I didn't want to do it any more, so the next Aron that tried to hit us, I bit it instead. It hurt my mouth. It worked, though.

I was getting hungry, so I ate the orange gummi we found earlier. It was punch flavored. I gave Sheldon the other one.

'PP Checker', as previously mentioned, is an IQ skill that keeps our partner from trying to use a move that's out of PP or that would cause a link to break. There's no reason for Sheldon not to do this.

We saw a Zigzagoon sleeping on the floor, and Sheldon shot it with bubbles! I asked him why he did that, and he said it was waiting by the stairs and would bite me if I tried to climb them. I think I could have gone up the stairs without waking it, so I was kind of mad at him, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want him to get mad at me.

We saw new Pokémon farther up the mountain, like Geodude, Meditite, and Tyrogue. They were just as mad as the rest, though. I hope we find out why they're all mean like this soon! I also hope Sheldon and I don't turn mean. I wonder if maybe he is turning mean a little.

Maybe he is just hungry. I am hungry too. We are resting now after sharing an apple. I'll tell you more when we get to the top. Take care, diary!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: the exciting conclusion of Jake's adventure on Mt. Steel!