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Part 16: Day 6 - Hugs Team Base

Good morning, Jake.

We've got mail! Let's see what it says.

Looks like we got another rescue team newsletter.

Nothing we don't already know. However, we also received a rescue request in the mail, our first one! We're popular! But I tossed it to make room for the missions you guys created.

Hey, what's this? It looks like it might be work!

...Is this guy serious? He wants us to bring him an apple... so he can give us an apple?

Who's it from?

Same guy as last time, Keyboard Fox.

Maybe his apple... got dirty?

Well, I guess we can do that... have to buy an apple in town, though...

What else did we get?

Here's one from... AniseApples. She wants an Oran Berry.

We have an Oran Berry!

Sounds simple enough. Let's see, what else...

A Beldum named... Haberdashery? Wants to visit a Shroomish named Maduo, and he wants us to protect him until he gets there.

We can do that!

Well, all right. We'll have to be careful, though. People who want bodyguards don't tend to be good at protecting themselves.

Any more letters?

Yeah, we got one from that Shaezerus guy. Looks like he wants us to rescue a friend of his named Adexia.

Let's do it!

Works for me. What else have we got?

Another apple delivery?

No, this guy wants a big apple. It's, um, bigger. We'll have to check the shop, see if we can do that one.

Big Apples give us 100 Belly Points when eaten.

Looks like that's it for mail.

Not shown: rescue requests from Christo, Quicksilver6, and Nick Buntline. Mainly because: if these guys have collapsed in a dungeon and need rescue, how is it they can mail us a letter to that effect?

Let's head into town and get ready.

Yay! Let's do it!

Sheldon takes the Pecha Scarf to replace his Defense Scarf, and then it's off to the Kecleon Brothers to sell our loot and pick up new stuff. Unfortunately...

Aww, they don't have any big apples!

My sincerest apologies. We're all sold out. Perhaps you could return tomorrow?

Okay. We'll take the regular apple.

Very well! Thank you~♪ It is yours to take!

We check the other Kecleon's wares, but there's nothing particularly interesting.

Let's say hi to everybody in the square!

Alakazam and his sidekicks were sure cool before. That's how a real hero has to carry himself. By the way... Apparently, it's been impossible for us to evolve lately. You know how we Pokémon evolve if the conditions are right? But for some reason, we haven't been able to evolve at all. It's rumored that the natural disasters are to blame, but... I wonder what's going on.

Did you know that a new training gym--I think they called it a dojo--opened in town? You know how many rescue teams started up? To deal with all the natural disasters? There was a group of concerned Pokémon... They wanted to support rescue teams. So they got together and built the dojo. You can find the dojo easily. From here, it's just straight down this path. If you have a rescue team too, I highly recommend you pay the dojo a visit.

Alakazam's team has the Gold Rank. Isn't that awesome? You have a rescue team too, don't you? What's your rank?

Nothing special.

I guess that's true. It might be rude to say it... but you obviously look like you really are nothing special. It just goes to show how awesome Alakazam's team is!


Hey, don't let him get to you. We're just starting out; it'll take us time to get as famous as those guys. Anyway, I think you're special.

...thanks, Sheldon.

Hey, while we're here, why don't we see what the Whiscash has to say?


Hey, it's that Caterpie we rescued.

Oh! Jake and Sheldon! Long time no see! I have a new friend! His name is Metapod. I'm going to call on Metapod and go play in the woods! It's going to be fun!

When I was small... I was tiny... Hohoho.

A quick stop by the bank to pick up our savings, and all told we've got 5,442 Poké. That ought to be enough to buy a Friend Area or two!

Um... I want this one... and this one... and this one and this one and this one and--

Jake, we can't afford all of those! Let's just get these ones for now.

Wigglytuff isn't selling Mt. Cleft yet, and it'd cost 5,000 Poké all by itself. Ancient Relic isn't available yet either. The remaining Friend Areas for Pokémon in Mt. Steel cost 3,930 Poké total, so we go ahead and buy them.

Gotcha! Let's do it! Wigglytuff~♪ Wigglytuff~♪ Let's be friends... Yoomtaaaaaaah!

The new Friend Areas are...

Ravaged Field (Badlands)

Magnetic Quarry (Badlands)

Overgrown Forest (Eastern Forest)

Mt. Deepgreen (Mountain Range)

Mt. Discipline (Mountain Range)

That done, the rest of the money goes back in the bank, and we pick up the stuff we stashed with Kangaskhan so we didn't accidentally sell it.

Let's check out that dojo Bellsprout mentioned. It's just south of town.

Um, okay.

It looks delicious!

I'm sure there's some pun going on here, but for the life of me I haven't a clue what it is. If anyone out there can enlighten me, they'd get put on my thank-you list!

This dojo was founded to support the efforts of rescue teams. Train in different rooms to level up... And toughen up your rescue team. Also... In the Fire Maze you will find only Fire-type Pokémon. In the Water Maze there will only be Water-type Pokémon. In such ways, only one type of Pokémon will be in a given room. Study how types match up in battle. The Pokémon in this dojo, by the way, are all volunteers. They are participating because they want to see rescue teams succeed. The only thanks they expect is to see you become stronger. Don't let them down! There's more. For a rescue team that successfully completes all training courses... I have a special reward! Let that compel you to train harder! What else do you seek?

Basically, the dojo has a small maze (just two floors and a boss fight) for each of the 17 types, plus a few other mazes based around rescue teams other than ours. Completing all of the type mazes will get us a statue for the base and a Ginseng, and we get another Ginseng the first time we beat any of the team mazes. However, we only have access to a few mazes right now, so there's little point to coming here. Besides, we have rescues to do!

It was nice to meet you, mister Makuhita, but we have to go rescue people now!

Fine, farewell. Return if you seek more training.

All right, Jake! Let's hit the road!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Jake and Sheldon make friends and influence people!