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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

by FredMSloniker

Part 18: Day 6 - Mt. Steel (5F)

Before we get started, note that Ramsay's heart in this image is red. That's because, if he's KO'd before we leave the dungeon (or if we're defeated and not rescued), he'll leave the team. We have to bring him out of the dungeon to make him a permanent team member. They return to the Friend Area if KO'd. Ramsay comes with Bide and Meditate, neither incredibly useful moves, but we might as well let him use them. That said, on to adventure!

Hey, mister Wartortle, are you okay?

Uh, actually, I'm a bit lost. I don't suppose you know the way out?

We've got a rescue badge; we can send you back to town.

Works for me! The name's Quicksilver6. See me in the square, and I'll give you something for your trouble.

I like helping Pokémon.

It changes your karma for the better.

I'm getting hungry again.

Wait, Jake, don't--

Oh, I'm sorry, did you want some?

...Jake, we were supposed to deliver that to a client, remember?



Yes, I really did forget.

...well, we'll manage. What's done is done. Let's just keep going.

Oh, hello there! I am Adexia. Have you seen my boyfriend? I 'ave been looking for him, but I think I made a wrong turn somewhere.

Actually, he sent us here to rescue you. He was worried about you.

Oh, how sweet!

Your boyfriend's a Hitmonlee?

What? Oh, no, that is just my friend Shaezerus! This is my boyfriend. I keep a picture of him always.




...weeeell yoooour boyfriend isn't likely to be up on top of this mountain.

Yes, I suppose you're right. You are a rescue team, yes? Can I get a ride back to town?


...Sheldon, why would she--

...don't ask. Please, don't ask.

I have only two words. Blame Adexia. That is all.

Crap, we're surrounded! I'll take that one, you hold off the other two!


Quick, Jake, use the Blast Seed you found!


We could have killed that Beldum without the seed, but a, we haven't seen it in action before, and b, we're hungry enough that the 5 Belly from eating a seed is worth it.

I want a glass of water.

Eat some snow. That should help.

Hooray! I found a gummi!

White gummis are normal type. You may recall that an orange gummi gave Jake 30 Belly.

The white gummi? 60 Belly. That's better than an apple, and much needed at this point. Efficiency Expert is an IQ skill that causes the Pokémon to prefer to target Pokémon with fewer HP when you enable it; it has no effect on your leader for obvious reasons.

Mmm, that was good! I like vanilla!

Hey, it's another Oran Berry!

Whew! We can make that delivery after all.

Who's that?

Hrmph. Did you bring me that big apple I wanted?

Sorry, mister Minotaurus. We tried, but they were all out at the store.

Hah! Don't expect to get paid for this!

Hey, he's just a kid! Take it easy on him!

Let's just go, Sheldon. Being mad at him won't make him nice to us.

...yeah, guess you're right. C'mon.

He may be young, but he shows a simple wisdom.

Yay an orange gummi! Here you go, Sheldon.

By accident, I discovered something here. Throwing a gummi at one of your partners will make him eat it if it hits him... but sometimes he dodges it. The foolproof, if somewhat slower, way to get him to eat it is to give it to him, then have him use it. I probably knew that when I played this when it first came out.

Thanks, Jake.

I am partial to orange gummis, should you find another.


...I'm getting really tired... but I can make it!

Just a little further, Jake. We're almost to the end.

My purified spirit regains the strength it lost to madness.

Um, a...are you lost?

Not at all! I enjoy training in the bracing mountain air. But my training is at an end for the day, so I wouldn't say no to a ride back down the mountain.

Okay! Just hold still.

I think that's all we're going to accomplish today. Let's get out of here.

Nuh uh! I can make it to the end!

...if you say so...

Jake, look out!

...I can make it... I can fight all the bad Pokémon...

Jake, I don't know what you're trying to prove, but for gods' sakes, you've proved it! We're getting out of here before you collapse!

Is he always so headstrong?

(No, he's not. What's gotten into him?)

Although the code generator I've linked you to will let you generate missions for the last floor of this dungeon, I don't think you can actually complete them here, which is why I took the liberty of changing Nick Buntline's mission to the eighth floor instead. Our first boss used to be here, but as you can see he's not home right now.

For completing seven of the eight missions we were sent on, we get the following rewards:

Keyboard Fox gave us an Apple, ten Gravelerocks, and a Cheri Berry, which cures Paralysis.

AniseApples gave us 200 Poké and a Joy Ribbon, which causes the wearer to gain experience when he takes damage.

Christo gave us the TM Dig, ten Gravelerocks, and a Reviver Seed. We'll use the TM on Jake when we get the chance.

Haberdashery and Maduo gave us 400 Poké, a White Gummi, and 20 rescue points! (The other missions only gave us 5 each.) At least the game recognizes that escort missions are harder than other kinds.

Quicksilver6 gave us 200 Poké and Lockon Specs, which make thrown items more likely to hit.

Shaezerus and Adexia gave us 200 Poké, the TM Brick Break, and disturbing mental imagery. (Well, blame that on Adexia, who submitted an escort mission to take her to her Wailord boyfriend. I couldn't use the mission, but the idea I could use...) Jake can't use this TM, so we'll see if Sheldon can get some use out of it.

Minotaurus gave us nothing. Sorry, Minotaurus. Next time, I'll post a list of items I can actually get so folks can properly plan their 'get item' missions.

Nick Buntline gave us 200 Poké and a Trawl Orb. Trawl Orbs bring every item on the floor to you, which is handy if you just want to get to the next one.

The only problem is, if I may digress... If there's a shop on the level (we haven't seen one yet), the shoplifters get kind of... mad. Remember those Kecleons I mentioned were really hard to catch? They're the shopkeepers. And if you shoplift, they call in a half-dozen of their closest friends. If you get KO'd before you manage to reach the next floor (and Escape Orbs won't work!), all of your items turn into Plain Seeds! (And yes, you have to shoplift to trigger recruitable Kecleon.) Weeee're going to sell this to avoid any... accidents.

Oh, and one last note while I'm being digressionary. I'd like to apologize to DNE, who submitted a great name for a Geodude, one I used-- and then lost in the crash previously mentioned. You're going on the thank-you list anyway, as my way of saying 'whoops, sorry'.

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: it also wouldn't be Pokémon without an evil Team, would it?